Rodel’s Agent Paul Reville spins the BS

Can Delaware create a bigger K-12 education engine? Delaware Voice Paul Reville4:04 p.m. EDT November 4, 2016

As a business leader, Massachusetts State Secretary of Education and now a professor of education at Harvard, I’ve been deeply involved in working to improve our schools for decades. Like Delaware, Massachusetts invested in high standards, real accountability, early learning and school choice. These efforts, along with some fundamental shifts to our funding system and some deep efforts to improve our teaching force, have made a real difference. Objectively, when one looks at how our students have been doing, Massachusetts is the highest performing system in the U.S. and we do very well relative to our peers internationally.

He we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Delaware and Massachusetts have the same standards and such why is Massachusetts is number one in the national and Delaware not at least number 2 ??????? Get ready Kavips  !!!! Because Markell and his puppet-master Rodel took a number 2 (shit) on parents, local school districts and students! How do you improve teacher as you fuck them ??????? Hold on Kavips !! I’ll tell you how! Poltically aligned DSEA helps hold teachers down while Markell and Rodel jams them! ( I was going to put it another way but its Sunday) Also, fucks out international peers! The Shanghai Experiment is nothing more than a Chinese super charter school district and data is invalid! Asian schools system is that different. Asian students do equally well in American education system! Why ? I am glad you asked Kvips! Because, the Asian culture re: family structure is just that, structured! Its clearly evident that parents do make an different and Asian parents for the most part are the model! It seems China is our competitor for jobs and education. Sadly in American our political system more so that of Hillary Clinton engineers public education to keep poor minorities chasing the carrot. There is not room in American for all to have advanced jobs! Somebody has to be garbage men, somebody has to clean offices at night and somebody has to do the shit jobs of American. Fixings pubic education (here we go Kavips) for the poor would be like giving cattle the intelligence to escape the slaughter house. 

Face it ! Poverty in k-12 education is a profit center for Wall Street ed entities. Every-time there is a reform k-12 movement there is an expansion of administration and consultants. We have yet to effectively reduce class-sizes which is key to improving academic success.

But when I think back to what we had hoped to achieve when Massachusetts embarked on many of its big, education reform policy shifts in 1993, we’re not where we wanted to be. We promised to close achievement gaps and assure that all children were proficient and ready for success. We’ve failed to meet those goals.

Because you lacked the ability to connect with parents! And now with the rewrite of ESEA Title 1 Section 1118 was dismantled which further alienates Title 1 parents.

Nationally, U.S. results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, are largely flat, our performance on international tests is middle of the pack, and we still have millions of children, often students of color and the disadvantaged, caught in the achievement gap and too often unprepared to assume productive citizenship.

Hey paul ! lets put it in GED terms! How many times are you going to test a dead car battery to admit its dead? 50 years of tests tells us the same thing. African-American students particularly high poverty are at the bottom of the barrel and have the greatness needs. The more to global competition push is advancing the the top and middle students using funding meant to advance the bottom. The lack of real progress in closing the achievement gap once defined as achievement between black and white students has been due to the top and middle advancing toward new standards faster than black students. 

So that raises three fundamental questions. First, were our goals too lofty? Was it unrealistic to assume we could increase the life outcomes of every child? No. This was the right set of goals for moral reasons as well as economic self-interest.

Paul just say it! Stop fucking poor black children to further advance white students.

Second, were the strategies we employed impactful? The implementation wasn’t perfect in every case, but the fundamentals were right. Building a system based on mutual accountability and equity enabled children to make significant strides. However, the data tell the story, the policy shifts to date have been necessary, even essential, but insufficient.

You’re getting close Paul !! I leave you with this, why is it a bunch of PhD running our education system fuck it up! Because, they kiss the ass of the likes of Jack Markell and Rodel for the sake of income and some egotistic serving sense of prestige. If the had a love for students and education they wouldn’t allow themselves to be dictated by a hand full of rich white millionaire / billionaire men !

So, the third question is, can the current school system design enable every child to fulfill their potential, land rewarding careers, become good citizens and family heads? Based on the data from Massachusetts and around the country, the answer appears to be “no.” It appears that we may have leveled off, and derived as much as we can from the current education engine, our outdated, outmoded school system.

Earth to Paul !!!!!! The is an agenda in Delaware traditional K-12 public education to allow it and to fail with the help of injections of policies that will expedite failure for the sake of advancing the charter school movement and no school vouchers.

Paul may I remind you, teachers aren’t trained social workers or crisis interventionist! Struggling to find funded for all these wrap-around services within a school build only further drains resources teachers need for academic needs. Funding for beyond academic needs should come from the state’s human services budget not from local and state education funds. 

Why? Part of the challenge is simply time. At their best, our schools only account for an average of less than 20 percent of a child’s waking hours while we are asking them to accomplish more than ever before. Another time problem is that lots of learning occurs outside of school and more affluent students typically use after-school hours and the summertime to expand their educational experiences through piano lessons or camp, while low-income students typically don’t get those experiences. As a result, the learning gaps between the “haves” and “have-nots” only grows.

Well damn !!!!!! Paul good comment! But I believe the internet divide might  plan a role in this learning gap! Prior to the internet, a home without books is a home not wired for achievement. Without internet access children of greater academic need are looked out of the world’s library and social interaction positive to social and personal growth.

On Nov. 14, at the 9th Annual Vision Coalition Conference on Education, I will deliver a keynote address titled “Redesigning Education to Restore Opportunity.” I’ll share more of my thoughts and look forward to hearing from you about the ways that Delawareans believe they can build a better educational engine. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

Paul on November 14 you will help pour the Rodel Kool-aid and you can bet you ass Jack Markell will have his ego stroked for his so-called change agent advancement in Delaware’s public schools.

Paul I am not asking you to excuse my ignorance but rather keep in mind I only have a GED and a pocketful of college credits!  However, I am one of those students the system failed to reach. A system that couldn’t and perhaps even today can’t comprehend education needs of “individual” students that may be square pegs. I don’t blame teachers because teachers are being force to teach in a standardized manner forcing them to pretty much abandon square pegs. I take some level of conform knowing there are those like Shark Boy knows what I am talking about! At the end of the day, kids have the answer needed to better serve them. Not out of touch ass-kissing PhD’s and clueless business people who decided their legacy !  Sadly to say my reading teacher was the News Journal that has maintain a six-grade level reading format. Twice a day it would come to our home! Way back , Morning and Evening News !  As far ad my writing skills! Well !!!!!! That was my own creation! Down With Absolutes taught me to inject the F-bomb! Whats Down With Absolutes you say ?? It was a blog run by some radical punk-ass kids who woke up and realized his radicalize literary skills was inadvertently defining his future in a negative aspect! So he scrubbed his blog. In contrast he was the Donald Trump of bloggers back then! But lets be fair! He was a magnet school punk and wired backwards by Temple 🙂 


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