Reviewing Smyrna School District “Student Code of Conduct” and WTF ?

The following Discipline Code of Conduct is in force:

1. On school property prior to, during, and following regular school hours.

2. While students are on a school bus for any purpose.

3. At all Smyrna High School-sponsored events and other activities at which school administrators or staff have jurisdiction over students.

4. Off-School Property resulting in criminal charges.

Nothing is the code of conduct say the district has the right or even any reference to the district subject all students to Breathalyzer test before entering certain school hosted function such as Proms and Homecoming? 

I review Smyrna School District’s Online Parent Center and nothing there regard Breathalyzer testing 

Smyrna High School Student Code of Conduct School Year 2016 – 2017 nothing here !!!!!!!

Online school calendar 

Homecoming Dance
When:Sat, October 29 , 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:SHS Cafe’
Nothing there !!!!!

Smyrna Video Gallery 

Nothing there !!!!!

Well here is a school district  in Ohio that has a “written” Breathalyzer policy  (The Cuyahoga Falls School district ) Can someone PLEASE SEND ME SMYRNA’S ??? Hey 1T do we have one ???

My conclusion: I can’t find Smyrna’s written policy on breathalyzers! It doesn’t mean they don’t have one but Damn!!! Being something so important it should be common knowledge and reinforced once a year (perhaps at the beginning of the schools year) so parents and students know the policy. So if it has been going on for years but the expectations parents should is know is bullshit! As for Smyrna’s super vaguely using the MADD  card as some-kind of justification is another bullshit! Smyrna’s communication policy is fractured at best! Smyrna’s Super needs to take a little better ownership is ongoing communication.

The questions and concerns about breathalyzers used as condition to attend after school functions is a debate. Yes we want to protect our kids in school! But in this case it seems more about controlling disruptive behaviors that tend to spoil a good thing for other students! I get it and its great! However, what about disruptions in class that impedes teaching and learning? What about searching all students and students lockers if a gun if found on one student? Then again one could argue such test prior to school events is more social conditioning for America’s future to great a passive society when in comes to encroaching on liberties! Its a tough debate! And the magic system card for those who defend this is, its for the kids and if you don’t support it you don’t care about kids! Just like referendums! Also, why not test on duty school staff at these events! Hell no you’ll be crossing legal and union lines! After all, we’re talking adults not kids! Bullshit!  

Hey you members of Red Clay’s School Board! Lets be a little proactive here and revisit yearly notification to parents of such policy if it exist! But not to my knowledge one exist.

Jax how did I do ??     


5 responses to “Reviewing Smyrna School District “Student Code of Conduct” and WTF ?

  1. You are wonderful HA. Back in the 90s, MADD and SADD were YUGE. If that’s where this procedure started, I still see no problem with it being referenced. I can agree that the communication may be in need of a boost. I also wonder why it has not been an issue before. Thanks for looking into it though!


    • kilroysdelaware

      🙂 I remember the time before MADD and SADD back in the 70’s where police tend to let people slide HOWEVER the did raise the level % on those test! Bill Stevenson former owner of the Stone Balloon aka Jill Biden former husband use to get up on the stage towards the end of the night and say” if you had too much to drink and feel you can’t drive see me, I’ll pay for your cab fare and your car will be safe in my parking lot” That ws in the 70’s

      The world is different these days and sadly alcohol is more and more an emotional painkiller for kids and for some the kindling for rage! Sure I have twisted thinking at times and perhaps see conformity to this as social conditioning of our young that may someday further encroach on liberties. What next breathalyzes at liquor stores to prevent drunks from buying! Publius would go insane without a drink 🙂


    • I would go insane without a drink from time to time! Your suggestion of using this as an opportunity to add the policy to existing communications is really good, though. Hopefully they will!!!

      As for the 70s, well…. Yeah, I was born in 79, so I don’t know 😉


    • kilroysdelaware

      “As for the 70s, well…. Yeah, I was born in 79, so I don’t know 😉”

      Born in 1979! OMG I am going to get in trouble for engaging in conversation with a kid! 🙂 Let me do the math! My love child was born 1972 and he’ll be 45 in March 79 -72 = 7 / 45 – 7 = 38 . I’d do the equation in common core method but I don’t think the comment window would support them many characters. Shit 38 !!!!!! Damn !! You’ll be alive to vote for Hillary’s grandchild for president! Lucky you !


    • I plan to be alive to vote for my daughter for President 😉