Hillary Clinton supports raising Obamacare premiums

Obamacare increases stress for families , The News Journal8:35 a.m. EDT November 5, 2016

Sam Hobbs is yearning for the old Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan he had for 32 years pre-Affordable Care Act. It cost about $895 a month to cover Hobbs, his wife and two teenage boys with a $4,000 deductible.

But it was discontinued as insurance companies revamped their plan offerings when Obamacare became law and started requiring new plans. In the past 14 months, Hobbs has had two Highmark plans canceled. Today, he is debating a plan that’s close to $1,800 a month with a $14,300 deductible.

The jury is in ! Obamacare didn’t low the cost of healthcare nor did it slow the pace of rising cost! Factor in the out of pocket deductible which continues to go with monthly premiums the cost of healthcare is getting no so affordable for many middle-class with limited Obamacare Health Credits.  

Personally I think its time all elected officials state and federal be required to participate in this corrupt healthcare exchange!  


3 responses to “Hillary Clinton supports raising Obamacare premiums

  1. So you are making a snap decision based on 1/12.700,000 of the evidence? What about the rest who despite the recent increases still think things are better off than prior? Not only is that shoddy journalism on the part of the News Journal, but it is shoddy jumping to conclusions by one of its readers…


    • kilroysdelaware

      “What about the rest who despite the recent increases still think things are better off than prior?”

      Sure !!!!!!!!! Expansion of Medicaid and adding those who pay nearing nothing who live on the fringes of poverty! The middle-class are the ones being fucked on this !!!! We need single-payer but first break the border barriers to promote real competition! If its a federal mandate health insurance should regulated at federal level not state! As for those being fucked! They drop their plans because they can’t afford it only to be fined at the end of the year!


  2. Joanne Christian

    RED LETTER DAY **********

    As of November 18th 2016, I have met my deductible!!!! That’s six weeks left, to squirrel away any anticipated prescriptions, address the slightest concern, get the routine stuff, oh……and maybe a colonoscopy for Christmas!!! All of that for THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND out of pocket this year!!! Is bankruptcy deductible under healthcare? Maybe my chest pain will go away…..and then it starts all over again for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, if I don’t take that “other job”. Because every American should work 3 jobs to maintain healthcare!!!