Daily Archives: November 3, 2016

Will Delaware Governor John Carney really defuse Delaware Department of Education ?

REFOCUS THE ROLE OF DOE FROM A REGULATORY AGENCY TO A SUPPORT AGENCY. Change has to start at the top. The Delaware Department of Education should be a support system for teachers and administrators. Too often, it acts as an enforcement agency focused on implementing reforms. Teachers and principals are in the best position to understand what their students need. DOE should be a resource that helps educators implement their ideas and move students along the path to success. John will reorient the Department of Education from a focus on monitoring and mandates to a focus on collaboration and support for districts. He’ll create resource centers at DOE to ensure that teachers and curriculum directors have access to experts with deep knowledge in critical areas who can provide advice and guidance and help share best practices across district lines.

Hey John ! Does that mean you’ll give Rodel their walking papers? And FYI back in the debates of 2008 you did take a position on decentralizing DE DOE. Glad you’re sticking to your guns!  

Hey John ! You might want to throw ice on the plan to raise legal high school dropout age from 16 to 18 years old! No only would it require additional funding for for services but you’ll been more SRO’s and metal detectors!

John it kind of sucks you were anointed for being the next governor! Just please don’t be a conceded dick like Jack! Those of us (education bloggers) have a lot of passion for what we do and all we ask is for better transparency and OMG !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ban commercial credit-cards and use of personal credit-card is all public schools especially  charter schools. And FYI service and supply vendors are giving Christmas $$$$ kick-backs to a few charter schools. And what those maintenance vendors ;). Somebody is about to be exposed!