Hillary Clinton is setting the stage for major D backlash in 2018

As far as I am concerned the 2016 presidential election is over ! Clinton wins! But she is setting up many democrats for a big fall in 2016!

Clinton’s efforts trying to paint every republican running for office in 2016 as one of Trump’s political terrorist will come back and bite democrats running for reelection in 2018. 

Clinton isn’t going to win because America loves her! She is going to win because of the hatred towards Donald Trump. Many call her the worst of two evils! Therefore, she is evil! 

Clinton will fall on her face within a year and half after taking office. So the backlash is, those democrat elected officials who openly supported Hillary Clinton now will pay the political price!

Clinton refuses to take responsibility for her crimes! Clinton will leads us into World War III and another major recession. So in two years other democrats will pay! 

Trump is the best thing that ever happen to the GOP! He shook the part to the core and is pushing the far right off the edge! Delaware GOP is a classic example of a party that went too far right to the point of alienating those in the center and center to right! Also, pushed many Independents away! Charlie Copeland is real a decent guy but politically he is snow-blind!  Hr doesn’t get it! The old GOP playbook is outdated! Sure we must stick with the core values but the GOP needs to move off the extreme right edge.      


3 responses to “Hillary Clinton is setting the stage for major D backlash in 2018

  1. We agree that Trump is the best thing that’s happened to the GOP….. Those who break from him now, like Meredith Chapman in the 8th Senate, versus those who go down with him now…

    To get an idea of how much fun we will have, instead of the word Trump, try subbing in the word…. Bozo…

    Then imagine you are Colin’s opponent in two years and get to say… Yeah, we can trust him … He makes great decisions… He supported Bozo… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

    You get the picture. Best thing ever to happen to the GOP… 🙂


  2. As for Hillary, the same thing was said of FDR by those party loyalists who still put their mark next to Hoover. He wound up being elected 4 terms, got us through the recession and mostly through WWII…

    Republican loyalists were very wrong then, and my guess, considering who they picked… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,… they are very wrong now…

    We shall see.


  3. WOW, your putting Hillary up there with FDR. KOOL-AID!!!!!