Will Netanyahu kiss President Hillary Clinton’s ass ? Bibi its time to go to the opera!

Dancing in the dark with Hillary; Hillary’s Israel problem is not good news for Jews.Jack Engelhard,  23/10/16 08:57 Arutz Sehva

For Hillary, Israel would present a problem. Her advisers, as we learn here, would prefer that she drop the subject in public. They don’t want her to mention Israel because (Gevalt!) it might upset her touchy Democratic/Liberal/Progressive followers, if, that is, she were to name Israel as a valued ally.

So true! We hear nothing in regards to Israel coming out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth!  

Given Liberal hostility against the Jewish State as revealed by Wikileaks, we can only assume that however it was for Benjamin Netanyahu under Barack Obama, it would be the same for Israel’s prime minister under Hillary Clinton — and maybe worse.

I’ll go with worst !!!!!!!!!!! President Hillary Clinton’s name will be engraved in history as the fist women president and great emphasis on former President Bill Clinton as being First Gentleman! Image that! Bill Clinton being elevated to America’s First Gentleman! A  molester !  

If I were Benjamin Netanyahu, I would pull the trigger on Grand Opera before Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office. This will make damn sure Hillary will “engage” in the support of Israel.  If not I don’t think a Clinton administration will have Israel’s back! 


3 responses to “Will Netanyahu kiss President Hillary Clinton’s ass ? Bibi its time to go to the opera!

  1. The easiest way, and the way Trump would handle Bibi and Israel, would be to nuke it and make it go away… Just 22 minutes of suspense, then no more problem.

    Although that would solve very many problems, (and create none btw)… and would be the Republican way of dealing with things… (at least those like Copeland, Bonini, Gunn, and Reigle and all the rest of the Delaware Republican party excepting Chapman and Spadola)… it is not the Methodist way of dealing with problems and that is what Hillary is… So alternatives have to be found.. But surely, you have got to realize that there is as much love in the USA for Bibi, as their was for Scut Farkus in the movie “The Christmas Story”… (yes, it’s beginning to be that time of year again… wow.. this was a fast one…)


    • kilroysdelaware

      “The easiest way, and the way Trump would handle Bibi and Israel, would be to nuke it and make it go away”

      Great ! I can see it now a Hajj to Trump Plaza with Muslims walking around it for days!

      Hillary will help bolster Israel’s defense with weapons but be a no-show when shit hits the fan!


  2. “The easiest way, …would be to nuke it and make it go away…”
    So Kavips is an anti-Semite!
    Never mind that the country is surrounded by Muslim countries that have threatened to wipe it off the face of the planet. Never mind that the surrounding middle eastern countries are not friendly to the U.S. nor care about social issues that liberals love. Israel should be a dove in the presence of wolves. The dove should just let the surrounding wolves eat it and while the rest of the world, ESPECIALLY gutless Hillary and Obama, watch it happen. Isn’t that what Neville Chamberlain did in Germany. Worked out great for the Jews huh? Kavips can be an Anti-Semite but parents are not allowed to protect their children from violent school environments?

    ” So alternatives have to be found..” Yes they do but Hil(liar)y will do none of them. Much better to collect her governmental paycheck, do nothing but pout about the inconvenience of adhering to communication security and insure all her fortunes are secured while letting the country decay deeper into democratic socialism. All the while laughing at the stupidity of the electorate that will vote for her. Silly plebeians, Hillary doesn’t care about you

    Don’t get me wrong, Trump is by no means better but I suspect he wouldn’t Nuke Israel when the shit hits the fan.