Presidential election too nasty to discuss in classrooms! CUT ME A BREAK

See the attached video !!!!!

First I would like to point out the teacher is talking about role-models as she wears a banned old Conrad logo offensive to Native Americans! The same logo the board voted to remove! 

I agree with what this teacher is saying but personal attacks have been going on for years, election after election! Look at the cheap shots Obama and Clinton took at each other in 2008. Yes we have the over the top Trump factor this election but lets no kid ourselves! Today’s kids see all this ugliness on the streets! The student bullying crisis has been festering for years upon years! So my point is, cut me a break we’re not harming virgin ears! 

I’ll bet you when these students get intense and even ugly during classroom debates they’re  just parroting  what their parents say at home! Also, there is a racial line embedded!  So can we stifle freedom of the expression part of , “freedom of speech and expression”? 

Perhaps this teacher could let her students know George Washington the father of our country was a “terrorist” in the eyes of the ruling government! If such a man lived today in American and led a movement to unseat the government he would be labeled a “terrorist”. Perhaps the teacher should have a debate on how native Americans were butchered and rape for “their”  land!  And lets not forget they were rounded up like cattle and put into pens called “Indian reservations”. Public education has a way of suppressing the truth and doctoring the textbooks to condition the minds of young children! The ugliness in American suppressed for so long is bubbling to the top and heading to boil-over. I wonder, is the black live matter debate is of limit in Red Clay’s classrooms?  


One response to “Presidential election too nasty to discuss in classrooms! CUT ME A BREAK

  1. Black lives matter, but American Indian ones, don’t…