Message to Joe Biden re: Cancer Moonshot! Go get them general !

Will Biden Cancer Moonshot survive a new administration? , The News Journal

President Barack Obama designated $195 million for cancer project, but funding picture is murky in Congress

As Vice President Joe Biden — unofficially dubbed the nation’s “Cancer Advocate-in-Chief” — prepares to leave office, political observers and cancer researchers are hopeful that he has shored upenough public and private support for his Cancer Moonshot to survive the changing of the guard.

But there are no guarantees.

“Naturally, I think there’s probably a little bit of anxiety and some questions about what will happen with this initiative,” said Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community, who called Biden “the greatest advocate in this country for cancer patients and their families.”

“I do feel strongly that the work is going to continue and (Biden) will make sure of that,” Thiboldeaux added. “I think the questions are around the details: How will it be funded, resourced, staffed?”

Joe, I know Kilroy’s Delaware is your favorite Delaware blogger 🙂 LOL. 

Joe, the Bidens are Delaware’s Kennedys! But hear me well! I didn’t vote for your ass (Obama) in 2012 and the only reason I voted for him in 2008 was because of you and no because you are a Delawarean. You call it as it is and your chairmanship of Committee on Foreign Relations was the best in history! Sadly I don’t think President Obama utilized your talent in regards to foreign affairs! Sure you have a big mouth and that slip of the tongue is unpredictable! But that is what makes you special.

Sadly your loss of a son may be a gain to others! re: your war on cancer! Your job serving America in the political role  is coming to an end! Your job serving people will never end! You have the $$$$ power to raise millions upon millions via speeches, books and encouraging private fundraising to fund your vision re: War of Cancer! Your political legacy will be a small shadow of a great man taking up the mission War on Cancer. My fellow Delaware blogger Kavips  might come in here and saying I am kissing your ass! But in reality he knows my passion for what I do! Kavips and my good friend Kevin over at Exceptional Delaware are small sometimes irreverent but in our way we do make a difference. So Joe ! What I am saying is don’t always look towards Washington D.C. for help achieving your dreams in honoring Beau via your War on Cancer.  You mission will take on national steam and Kilroy wishes you the best of luck! 

One of my favorite photo-shops ! Always keep you sense of humor which is a great part of your charisma.  



2 responses to “Message to Joe Biden re: Cancer Moonshot! Go get them general !

  1. Lol.. So glad you read the News Journal so I don’t have to… 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the “seagull” several last times before it fades into the sunset….


  2. lastDEconservative

    My goodness, Kilroy, this takes “fawning” to a whole ‘nother level. I had to look away. You do realize it’s Delaware’s village idiot the story is about? And that there was never a cancer moonshot, only a farcical PR stunt claiming there was to give said village idiot gravitas in the D ranks when he may have been forced into the primaries (or in case he yet does)?