Delaware AG Denn’s proposed justice Star Chamber may undermine due process

State to consider claims of innocence , The News Journal

Attorney General Matt Denn’s office is launching an Actual Innocence Project to review petitions from inmates.

The office of Attorney General Matt Denn is launching an innocence project to review petitions from inmates who have evidence that they did not commit a crime.

The Delaware Department of Justice announced the new effort, called the Actual Innocence Project, on Friday.

“Our prosecutors believe in justice,” Denn said in a statement. “That means ensuring that people who have committed crimes are appropriately punished, and it means ensuring that people who have not committed crimes are not punished. The Actual Innocence Project is another tool for us to ensure that we are fulfilling that responsibility.”

Matt no questions to where your heart is and this a noble undertaking ! However, if inmates provide evidence pf their innocence  we’ll have to question due process. Would the same provisions apply to those convicted but served no time but rather paid fines and sentenced to probation? What about those who served their time and stigmatized by a wrongful conviction?

If we’re going to streamline backdoor appeals we must do it in a way of providing “equal justice for all”. This means, not only for those incarcerated but for all those wrongly convicted and stuck with “conviction” labels!

These actions will further erode confidence in our men and women in blue! If there is problems with our justice system fix it at the front door rather than creating backdoor justice. Why have a jury system ? Right constitution !

Innocent men and women have been wrongly convicted mainly due to “poverty” in the way of equal representation and strong-arm tactics forcing defendants to take plea-bargains rather than public defenders fighting for real justice. Surely defendants must tell their court appointed lawyers the say so-called evidence proclaiming their innocence!

Matt if you really want to help! Support legalization of marijuana with taxation revenues going to law enforcement to “supplement” the current underfunded local and state police. Give the police investigator better tools to collect evidence.   


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