WEIC will dump unsafe Christina buildings on Red Clay Taxpayers

Mold discovered in Pulaski Elementary , The News Journal

There is concern mold discovered in one Christina School District building is just the most obvious manifestation of the problem.

School district officials identified mold in three classrooms in Pulaski Elementary, 1300 Cedar St. in Wilmington, prompting air quality tests which began Wednesday and will conclude Friday. Though unidentified elsewhere, school board members and teachers believe many of the district’s old buildings have the same problem.

This was one of my concerns with the WEIC plan !! Red Clay taxpayers would inherit failing school buildings! To address all the problems associated with out-dated Christina school building, we’ll be looking at $200,000,000.00 (200 million dollars) in capital funding! I urge Red Clay school board to disengage from the WEIC plans or revisiting of those plans. Its time to pull all the cards off the table.

As far as the immediate “health concerns” , Christina parents and community leaders should “demand” an independent top to bottom inspection / assessment of every Christina school building.

Blame Christina’s board all you want! However, the current capital funding method of all traditional public schools is BROKEN! The time has come to fund all traditional public school the same way as votech schools ! BY LEGISLATIVE ACTION! And for you charter schools folks! Sure give the same consideration! However, the State of Delaware must go on your deeds as co-owners !  

Sorry to say Christina, lawsuits from parents and perhaps teachers will come out of the woodwork!    


2 responses to “WEIC will dump unsafe Christina buildings on Red Clay Taxpayers

  1. Love how the News Journal writes about this two days after I do. Didn’t catch the charter school money grab for Christina’s local funding. Didn’t know about Delaware Met at the beginning of all that. Or Family Foundations. Or Academy of Dover. They did trump me on the lawsuit though…


  2. Here is a couple questions for you:

    1) How many times did that teacher speak to the administration about it? (hint – more than 2, less than 7)

    2) How many schools throughout the state have the same issue?

    If the governor is so concerned with kids and their health (free food every 7 minutes) why arent these school better maintained. Notice i said kids health since the staff’s health isnt thought of.