Trump busted for plagiarism! He stole Bill Clinton’s speech


2 responses to “Trump busted for plagiarism! He stole Bill Clinton’s speech

  1. Love this btw. Thanks for digging it up and posting it…


  2. So what happened? He (Bill the philander/ grand jury liar/ married to a layer who blamed a 12 year rape victim for the rape) ‘said’ they would do things to address the illegal immigration problems. He ‘said’ all the things that most current Democrats and progressives denounce. He ‘said’ the things that most Americans want. Now, the Democrat party labels these things as Racist and anti-immigrant. Now, the Democrat party labels these things as hate speech. Now the current POTUS attempts to thwart U.S. immigration law (the dream act) because he wants to enroll more Hispanic votes for the party.

    I guess that’s how all this works, you (those like MM, MO and JK) ‘say’ you’re for ‘ALL’ students to get appropriate education but what you ‘DO’ is completely the opposite. You ‘say’ you are for school choice, but when it comes to brass tacks, you will only support choice for those who are so called ‘non-privileged’ and so called disadvantaged that you believe ‘deserve’ a choice. You ‘say’ you want all schools to be transparent and accountable but TPS’s who have stolen MILLIONS of funds in opposition to State law, shouldn’t be held to this level of accountability. You (like KO & spivak) ‘say’ some school leaders are arrogant, elitist, and racist but you have never met them, have never walked in their buildings and never bothered to comprehend the reality.

    You ‘say’ everyone should have a well performing ‘truck’ but what you ‘do’ is demand the bulk of those paying for the trucks accept the barely running ones and buy brand new ones for those who may not know how to drive.