Come smell the TFA DE Schutt House!

Teacher turnover stymies school progress in Delaware , The News Journal

Teach for America – which brings recent college graduates who have degrees in hard-to-find subject areas like science and math to teach in high-needs schools for a minimum of two years – is often criticized for contributing to that churn.

“I used to think that, too,” said Laurisa Schutt, who runs the program in Delaware.

But, she said, “I’ve seen that when schools create an environment with strong culture and strong leadership, the two years don’t matter.” Teach for America members often stay in the schools where they were placed after their obligation to the program is over.

Read the entire article about the struggles of teachers in high-needs public schools. However. to glorify Teacher for America  is shoveling bullshit to the moon! As the economy improves Teacher for America struggles! Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America /New York Times.  and Teach For America: Has It Betrayed Its Mission To Save Poor, Struggling Schools? / Huffington Post.

Schutt is part of the Rodel public education wrecking crew ! Board & Advisors | Rodel Foundation of Delaware She is on the board of trustees for the private school, The Independence School 

Putting those two things together – new teachers and high poverty schools – creates a guaranteed cycle of chronic teacher turnover, said Frederika Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association, which represents teachers across the state.

Right to the heart of the matter Jenner ! Why really sucks is the labeling of teachers “failures”  teaching in high needs schools. Schutt and her pro-charter crowd deem public schools failures to justify charter schools and then there is the Don! Its pretty sad calling for charter schools and then $$$$ capitalizing on them. But I must say, the VT option for low performing teachers who have no choice but to VT into a high-needs schools “because” those schools are the only one with teaching positions available is shameful. 

A number of previous studies had noted the correlation of high rates of teacher turnover and low levels of student achievement in poor schools, but this was the first study to show that the turnover rate caused lower test scores.

Cluster-fucks! The was no need for another study for the obvious!  

Getting to the point ! Funding for k-12 pubic education needs to change and of course allocation of the funds must be driven by need-basis! The first step is to end the school tax referendum for traditional public schools and replace with the same funding process as votech schools. Votechs don’t need to go to referendum because funding is determined by the legislators. Once we cross that bridge end the charter school movement by barring new charter schools. The existing charter schools can remain.  

As far as Wilmington city children being forced to ride the bus to suburban middle and high school, we need to provide preferential choice transportation and guaranteed first choice over out-of-district student and in-district suburban students. The would help defuse de facto segregation.

Lastly the erosion of public education was driven by those who undermined it to justify charter schools seeded with racist hearts!  A former board member commented to my concerns with “they have their charter schools” and ” why do they choose to go there”? Simple !!!!! High function charter school predominately white and Asian set deliberate barriers locking out at-risk children mostly black! 

Then the was the Skipper’s change agent Jack Markell politically bought and paid for by Rodel! Markell is the worst governor on education than any governor that served before him. Governor Minner may have had some political downfalls. However, “she” gave us extra funding for Minner Math and Reading Teachers! “She” gave us SEED and set the foundation for Delaware State University’s Inspire Scholarship! Markell erased Minner Math and Reading teachers and Extra-Time grant to fund charter school incentives! 

Nothing will change until public schools are returned to local schools! Teachers and parents know best and that is were we need real collaboration! Markell is a sell-out!   


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