Exceptional Delaware Dances with The Delaware Charter School Don

OMG you have to read Exceptional Delaware  post where he pokes his finger in the eye of the Delaware Charter School Don! 

Kevin when that man’s eyebrows touch flames blows out his ass like a rocket! Pandora use to bait his ass out at Red Clay school board meetings and she pissed him off many time! I swear one time he was going to yell out , shut the fuck up bitch! Other board member looked at him ans shook their heads no don’t do it! Damn he even once told the former DSEA president he’d throw he out if she didn’t shut up! I hear the current Pres call’s him “Sir” 😉 Well one mistake you didn’t make was call him Pete DuPont’s lapdog!

I am not going to allow comments here because the Don has no mercy and will take a parent or member of the public for every dime they have! And OMG you shouldn’t of ever put baby in the corner !!!! 

One thing for sure is, Red Clay won’t challenge the lawsuit! They know better than to tangle with the Don.


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