Newark Charter tries to rape Christina

Charter schools sue state, Christina , The News Journal

Fifteen charter schools have filed suit against the state Department of Education and Christina School District to get what they claim is their fair share of funding.

Christina has been withholding millions of dollars in local tax revenue from charter schools for years and the Department of Education has been complicit, the lawsuit says.

For Newark Charter School, one of the chief beneficiaries of those funds, that would have meant an additional $1 million in revenue.

Newark Charter School student profile:

English Language Learner



Low Income



Special Education



Christina School District Profile: 

English Language Learner



Low Income



Special Education



Newark Charter cries for weight based needs funding when Christina demonstrates  great need.

So charter school funding will be applied to lawsuits against Christina and DE DOE. One would think a state auditor’s investigation would suffice. 

In order to make the formula’s application uniform across the state, the Department of Education examined the exclusions that were being used and eliminated some of them. That process began in the spring and finished in the summer.

But, by mid-September, the department had faced severe backlash and reverted the system back to the way it had been.

DE DOE reverted back because the DE DOE Sec of Ed though he was above legislation and regulations that governors public education. If he was within the law his actions wouldn’t face a backlash.

Kendall Massett, director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, said in a prepared statement, “We applaud the state Department of Education for recognizing the out-of-proportion exclusion requests from Christina School District this year and for taking steps to bring them in line, in the interest of fairness for students and to make the process consistent among all districts. But that decision was reversed after the deadline mandated by state law.”

I swear Publius must be blowing in her ear !!!!!!!!! Blind man takes Bambi for a walk down the freeway!

This was from the News Journal September 1, 2016:

Baumbach, D-Newark. “The main concern is that too few eyes were looking at the formula.”

Baumbach was among those expressing concern to Godowsky this weekend, and was joined in his distress over a lack of transparency in the process by state Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, who was also worried about the potential disruption to district budgets, which have already been passed for the year.

Perhaps Godowsky is a Rodel agent ! Odds are Governor Carney will keep him as Sec of Ed.

If the case has merit it should be reviewed by the state auditor and a legislative review committee! Where is our AG ?? If laws or regulations were broken he has an “obligation”. Chancery Court is stepping into a big pile of dog shit that will open Pandora’s box! 


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