Trump’s tax stumble elevates Gary Johnson

Kilroy doesn’t think Donald Trump can overcome the latest tax scandal!   We keep talking about who is the worst of the two evils, Clinton or Trump! However, there is another choice ! Gary Johnson .

I have a hunch many Independents will shift support to Johnson and with Trump heading the locker room Republicans have to make a choice!  

Gary Johnson:


Most importantly, Governor Johnson believes that state and local governments should have more control over education policy. Decisions that affect our children should be made closer to home, not by bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. That is why he believes we should eliminate the federal Department of Education. Common Core and other attempts to impose national standards and requirements on local schools are costly, overly bureaucratic, and actually compromise our ability to provide our children with a good education.

I am on board with this!!!!!!!!!!!!


Governors Johnson and Weld believe that, instead of appealing to emotions and demonizing immigrants, we should focus on creating a more efficient system of providing work visas, conducting background checks, and incentivizing non-citizens to pay their taxes, obtain proof of employment, and otherwise assimilate with our diverse society.

Sounds good but how do we stop the “flow” of new illegals ? 


Governor Johnson advocates for the elimination of special interest tax loopholes, to get rid of the double-taxation on small businesses, and ultimately, the replacement of all income and payroll taxes with a single consumption tax that determines your tax burden by how much you spend, not how much you earn. Such a tax would be structured to ensure that no one’s tax burden for the purchase of basic family necessities would be increased. To the contrary, costs of necessities would likely decrease with the elimination of taxes already included in the price of virtually everything we buy.

I am on board with this play! Looks like a national sales tax where illegals are force to pay ! This consumption tax must”exclude” food , medicine, medical services and medical devices. 

Foreign Policy and National Defense:

Many senior military and foreign policy analysts have concluded that the rise of ISIS can actually be traced back to instability created by our meddling in the affairs of others. This is because the last several administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have used our military resources to pursue undemocratic regime changes, embark on impossible nation-building exercises, and to establish the United States as the policeman of the world.

War on Drugs:

The Federal government should not stand in the way of states that choose to legalize marijuana. Governors Johnson and Weld would remove cannabis from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act, which will allow individual states to make their own decisions about both recreational and medical marijuana — just as they have done for decades with alcohol. Eliminating the Federal government as an obstacle to state legalization decisions is not only constitutionally sound, but would allow much-needed testing of marijuana for medical purposes, as well as regulation that reflects individual states’ values and needs. We need to treat drug abuse as a health issue, not a crime.  

The War on Drugs is an expensive failure. We spend money to police it. We spend money to incarcerate nonviolent offenders. And what do we get in return? A society that kicks our troubled mothers, fathers, and young adults while they’re down, instead of giving them the tools to be healthier and more productive members of society. 

I agree! 

Criminal Justice Reform:

How is it that the United States, the land of the free, has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world? The answer is simple: Over time, the politicians have “criminalized” far too many aspects of people’s personal lives.

The failed War on Drugs is, of course, the greatest example. Well over 100 million Americans have, at one time or another, used marijuana. Yet, today, simple possession and use of marijuana remains a crime — despite the fact that a majority of Americans now favor its legalization.

And who is most harmed by the War on Drugs? Minorities, the poor, and anyone else without access to high-priced attorneys.

More generally, mandatory minimum sentences for a wide range of offenses and other efforts by politicians to be “tough” have removed far too much common-sense discretion from judges and prosecutors.

These factors, combined with the simple fact that we have too many unnecessary laws, have produced a society with too many people in our prisons and jails, too many undeserving individuals saddled with criminal records, and a seriously frayed relationship between law enforcement and those they serve.

Fortunately, a growing number of state and local governments are taking steps toward meaningful criminal justice reform. The federal government must do the same, and Gary Johnson is committed to bringing real leadership to this long-overdue effort.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are committed to meaningful criminal justice reform.

I am on board !!!!!!!!!!

Support Our Veterans:

For Gov. Johnson, honoring our veterans begins with a pledge that those serving in the military today will only be asked to go into harm’s way for clear, defined and justified reasons. The men and women of our armed forces signed up and swore an oath to protect and defend the United States – and that is precisely the mission they will have with Gary Johnson as Commander-in-Chief.

They will not be sent to risk their lives just because politicians decide to topple a foreign government — with no clear U.S. interest in doing so or plan for what comes next. Our military will not be asked to engage in nation-building or to somehow resolve conflicts on the other side of the globe that have defied resolution for hundreds of years. The men and women of our military will only be asked to protect and defend the United States – and to do so with a firm understanding of the objective.

For our veterans who have served and returned to civilian life, many with injuries and emotional scars, Gov. Johnson pledges to provide them with the health care, support and transitional assistance they deserve – and rightfully expect.

I am good with this!!!!!!

Yep!!!!!!!!! I made my mind up and Gary Johnson is the person I will vote for! Call it a waste vote if you want! However, Trumps is out and why reward Hillary Clinton! 

I doubt an endorsement from a small town blogger makes a different but Gary Johnson has it!



2 responses to “Trump’s tax stumble elevates Gary Johnson

  1. No argument with the finer points of Gary’s successes… But there is also a down side and I won’t taint your post with a list, but just casually mention it’s there in case any one wants to dig deeper….

    The bigger issue and I will throw this out there, is how will he reign in the demons already unleashed? To do so takes power… We often think the president as a dictator who says, do this and kills people if it doesn’t get done. That is not American. Our presidents have to be persuaders. and for the most part, already enter office having at least half America behind them who share the same major party who put them in… But that still doesn’t guarantee the major party candidates unchecked power. They have to cajole, bribe, or otherwise convince those of a different party to also go their way…

    They need to be convincers.

    So, therefore, voting for someone who is not a major party, is little more than a protest vote… (qualifier: speaking only on presidential contests/ not state and local) and unless they amount to more than 15% which even so, is the low equivalent amount of one and a half persons out of every 10, they really don’t matter…

    Gary got less than one percent his last run… One person out of every hundred who voted.

    And here is the point…. you have a contest that really matters. Let us say it is for “opt out”… One should be either for it… or against it…. Right? Voting Gary Johnson would be like saying you will abstain….. It’s your right to do so, but how does that look 20 years from now when you look back and realized that when it all counted when everything was on the line, you abstained?

    Ok. I’m done now… 🙂


  2. anthony english

    He can do this for the demons already out there. His big pitch to this and he says it all the time is. Basically with either of the R or D candidates right now being as polarized as they are do you think anybody would want to help from the opposite party? No. the L ticket would be the middle of a six lane highway that can get stuff done.

    When he gets in he can make proposals that apply to both party’s. So they can write up 3 r style proposals and 5 d style proposals and the and the winners from both sides can be matched up to make it pass.

    Every executive role in government is aware of this even Obama after being in for 8 years knows very well exactly what I’m saying here and states it to anybody who ask.