Well for sure Hillary isn’t a witch! Missed it by one letter! Bitch!


3 responses to “Well for sure Hillary isn’t a witch! Missed it by one letter! Bitch!

  1. Oh.. so you got problems with strong women now, do you? lol.


    • Mike Broaddus

      The term “bitch” as used is an adjective that has less to do with gender as it does personality. If the object of the conversation possessed different plumbing (the jury is still out on whether Obama does) the adjective would have likely been male oriented or asexual.

      Personally, I find strong women EXTREMELY attractive, and I for one would NEVER call Clinton a bitch. A more appropriate adjective could be found just on letter away beginning with the letter “C”.


  2. Mike Broaddus

    The Clinton Syndicate should have been prosecuted under Ricoh decades ago. Hillary aka Ma Barker is the kingpin and a despicable excuse for a human being.

    She is directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of many. If you are in her way, have crossed her or are a potential criminal witness, you are likely to meet an untimely end. As a “public servant” she has made herself a millionaire many times over, for among other things, taking “speaking fees” for speeches that were never given, arming our enemies, alienating our allies, “losing” classified information and many many more. She is the KKK poster girl, winner of the Margaret Sanger Award for her work in the black genocide which they have labeled “women’s healthcare” and “a woman’s choice”. That is just the ip on the iceberg. Secret Service agents have made the statement many times that the two worst details to be on are Hillary’s and the Mooch (aka Michelle Obama) because of the abuse they must endure.

    Clinton is a puppet of the global terrorist, George Soros and is in bed with the banksters that run the New World Order…. another despicable organization and a topic for another day.

    Unfortunately, Alinsky’s “useful idiots” are in the tank for Clinton because her paid minions in Black Lives Matter, labor unions, liberal “non-profits”, and other anti-Americans such as Jackson and Sharpton will bus them to the polls, ship them across the national border or raise them from the dead to get The Devil of Benghazi elected. This will prove to be more of the “Transformation of America” (into a 3rd world banana republic) Obama has implemented but on steroids.

    My friends, the founders gave us a system to vote for your leaders but predicted that even then there would be need for a revolution every 75-100 years to clean house in the government. They fought a revolution over a 3% tax on a breakfast beverage and what are we doing? It seems our young people are so distracted walking around aimlessly looking at an electronic device in their hands, they may not make it to the polls or the revolution before getting hit by a bus…….

    Scary times, my friends. Scary times. Belize is starting to look good.