Where do leaders of failed charter schools go! Yep ! DE DOE


Proficient in English (district average)25%

Proficient in Mathematics (district average)25%

New Hope Academy Charter School appeal denied POSTED 6:48 AM, APRIL 9, 2014, BY MELANIE ORLINS

After quite a fight, New Hope Academy Charter School in York will in fact close its doors forever.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld the decision that it must close its doors by the end of the year

Go see what Kevin has at Exceptional Delaware : The Charter School Office At The Delaware DOE Has A New Director




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  1. Good thing I have a keen memory…speaking of York, PA… go down to the 19th comment from this blog post… https://dianeravitch.net/2015/01/18/york-city-students-lead-protest-against-charter-takeover/

    Things that make you go hmm…

    And why isn’t this on her LinkedIn account? http://www.3cordinc.com/about/3-cord-staff/


  2. Yeah, this is all Delaware needs… someone promoting “urban” cyber charter schools… http://www.3cordinc.com/2012/09/24/new-pennsylvania-cyber-charter-school-focused-on-urban-children-being-formed/

    Looks like it didn’t get too far past the application process… https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/524883/urban-ccs-comments.pdf