Now this is what you call a Delaware White-Wash!

$468,000 being spent to investigate state government racism , The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell announced Monday his administration will pay a consultant $468,000 to investigate anti-discrimination and diversity policies within state agencies, more than a year after a controversy erupted over allegations of racism instate government.

“I remain committed to ensuring that we foster a healthy, supportive, and responsive work environment,” said Markell in a statement.

Ivy Planning Group, a  Rockville, Maryland, management consulting firm, will conduct interviews with supervisors, visit various offices and survey state employees anonymously about workplace problems, among other actions.

The group will present a report to the governor’s office by the end of 2016, before Markell finishes his second and final term, said Jason Miller, a spokesman for the governor. The term of the contract is scheduled to extend until Sept. 30, 2017

Markell was part of the discriminatory practices by turning a blind-eye!  I think we would be better off to ask Governor Carney to do a better job of running government in a non discriminatory way and create more diverse leadership. $468,000.00 would be better served feeding the homeless!

I wonder what brought all this about ?? Jack not able to sleep at night ?

Pastors look to next governor to fix discrimination Karl Baker, The News Journal8:07 p.m. EDT July 28, 2016

Yep I agree !


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