The race for Delaware Congressional Seat! Lisa Blunt-Rocester or Scott Gesty


If I were to endorse a candidate it would be a job because I don’t carry that much political weight. So I just make some observations.


Lisa Blunt Rochester is an amazing intelligent person and right for a political career. Lisa is a product of amazing parents one being papa Ted. Ted Blunt ran for Lt. Governor back in 2000 but suspended his campaign. Ted was director of state and federal funded education programming in Red Clay  with Title 1 being the largest funded program. He and I  spent a few year working together and sometime with friction. He taught me so political fighting skills and introduce me to the amazing RIP Ron Houston his DEDOE counter part. As far as Lisa,  she is seasoned in the political world. What scares  me the most about Lisa is how deep is she connect to the Rodel Foundation or better yet, Rodel’s ideology when it comes to education. She is no doubt an independent individual and has access to an education advisory who will give it to her straight.

Reading Lisa’s campaign website I don’t see the Rodel / Markell’s K-12 education reform rhetoric. I see concerns with student college debt and some more fresh ideals. Lisa is an independent individual and the only persons I think she owes something to is mom and dad. I think the payback will be doing an honest job and never forget the roots. 


Scott A Gesty:

Scott Gesty represents the creditable voice of change that weighs in on the foundation of America that as a country we have drifted to far for that foundation. There has been a cry for another political choice and dissatisfaction of a two party system. As far as public education, Scott is one the money! The federal government reach is too intrusive into local control! As a matter of fact, in my opinion the federal government is too intrusive at many levels. 

Scott says this,  “The Federal income tax (along with the entire IRS) should be scrapped in favor of a national consumption tax. No more tax forms, no more withholding, everybody pays. Savings and investment are stimulated. The Government will continue to raise revenue from corporate and business taxes, as well as capital gains and excise taxes. This is the closest that America will ever get to a truly “fair tax.””. Scott represents radical change whereas many know it! However, the is paranoia associated with such change. The two party system (democrat and republican) created a fear among the people that such radical changes are too risky. Me, I think not! A consumption tax vs income tax requires all the pay their fair share! Even illegals! Visit Scott’s campaign website for more information.

Scott is fighting an uphill battle know he faces big odds! But lets take a look at America’s history! George Washington faced big odds taking on the ruling British government and honestly in today’s America , Washington would be label a terrorist plotting to overthrow the government!  Scott says this, “Being a Libertarian or Liberty candidate allows me to represent the very best historical attributes of the two parties currently failing America. Libertarians are fiscally prudent and socially tolerant; we believe in Constitutionally limited government and unwavering support of civil liberties. Many people seem to have forgotten in this country that civil liberty includes the right to make bad decisions and to have to deal with the consequences of our own actions. When our government turns into a nanny state, we all become prisoners of somebody else’s good intentions. Likewise, being a Libertarian means that you don’t let government keep spending money it doesn’t have, or use our military forces to invade other countries without a Congressional Declaration of War.”

For the record, Kilory is a registered Libertarian but not politically active in the party. I am former GOP RD Chair for the 19th RD. I openly voted for Obama and Markell (first term only).  I was suckered into the big hope and change lie! A two years after Obama’s win I was laid off from a “career”. The affordable Obama healthcare after the healthcare credit cost me $250.00 a month plus a $6200.00 yearly deductible. So how is that affordable for some who loss their job at no fault of their own. FYI all! Obamacare required electronic medical records is building a mega database on the population beyond health conditions. I still share Republican values and “respect” Democrat values. However, the Delaware Republican Party “leader” has taken the party to the extreme right alienating it’s center!

Scott has a tough battle and needs to say in the game no matter what! Delaware needs a third party to help take the self-serving politics out of Dover and get back to serving Delaware not Washington. Governor Markell has bartered Delaware’s public school system away into the hands of the Wall Street profiteers whereas after public office he’ll reap some $$$ benefits. His own party gave him the golden ticket while the Delaware Republican Party gave him a pass for protecting their charter schools.

My endorsement of anyone would be a joke! However, DSEA endorsement of anyone after their endorsement of Race to The Top aka Wall Street Trojan Horse will be pathetic! DSEA is just as responsible for the public education mess as Markell!  

I see Lisa and Scott as equal candidates in their own right! As far as the GOP ! A vote for that candidate would be a wasted vote!   


5 responses to “The race for Delaware Congressional Seat! Lisa Blunt-Rocester or Scott Gesty

  1. Scott honors a parent’s right to opt their child out of state assessments, competency-based personalized learning, and bad ed tech in our schools. Lisa won’t commit to saying that. Easy choice for me.


  2. I didn’t appreciate Lisa’s calling opt out a ‘luxury’ or her insistence that the federal government has an ‘important role’ in education. The best thing the feds can do is get out of the way and leave control of education decisions in local hands.


  3. Scott, what are your thoughts on charter schools in general? Also, I did student teaching in Vineland. It was third grade, late 80’s. Can’t tell how old you are. Did you go to elementary school in Vineland? Maybe you were in my class 😀 That year I learned what social passing looks like. Horrible. So sad that it’s still happening at such a high rate.


  4. Certified in two states. Never taught full time though. Went the married with children route and stayed home.