MOT Charter first to step-up with board meeting recordings

As far as I can see, MOT Charter School is the first charter school in Delaware to comply with the new law requiring all traditional districts, votech districts and charter school boards to record the public session of their board meetings an post online with 7 days after the meeting. Hopefully all the other charter schools , traditional school districts and votech district “comply” with the  “law”.

Publius and the clueless sheep that follows him say, in large the public doesn’t give a rats ass about hearing board meeting recordings! But I say, as far as charter schools it will strengthen many! If Moyer, Pencader and Reach charter schools recorded their meetings for all to hear; perhaps the community, parents, DOE and our state legislators could of helped avoid closure of these schools.  


One response to “MOT Charter first to step-up with board meeting recordings

  1. lastDEconservative

    Kil, or Angos, or …
    Does this law apply to the Citizens oversight boards meetings, too?