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The time has come for open admissions for Delaware charter schools and magent schools! NO MORE ADMISSION TEST

Charter funding firestorm continues , The News Journal

The head of that department, Secretary of Education Steven Godowsky, found himself at the center of a social media firestorm last weekend after public school advocates raised an uproar over the proposed changes that could cost one district as much as $3 million.

Charter school supporters have long lobbied for a review of the funding formula, arguing that districts haven’t been paying their fair share.

On Monday, following calls from legislators and district advocates over the weekend, the department’s spokeswoman, Alison May, said that the department would not be implementing the changes for this school year. That announcement took charter school supporters by surprise, since they had been expecting more money to come in this year.

Under state law, the department is obligated to send out bills to the districts by Sept. 1.

But late Wednesday, one day before the decision is due, the department was still unsure of what changes, if any, it would be making.

May said Wednesday night that the department was in discussions with district and charter leaders that would determine which formula would ultimately be used this year.

If Governor John Carney retains this snake of a secretary of education parents should call for Carney resignation! And the time has come to elected the Delaware Secretary of Education and to keep the governors hands out of local control! 

As for charter schools  and their discriminatory admission practices that fuel de facto segregation, it MUST END.  Creating charter schools designed for at-risk minorities is shameful! Limiting special needs students in charter schools is immoral. Traditional public schools don’t require entrance tests or proof of specific internet!  The doors swing equal for all! Delaware charter school admission laws should mirror that of traditional public schools but via open lottery controlled by DE DOE whereas; application for a given charter school be submitted to  DE DOE to keep charter schools for using counseling out techniques.

Delaware traditional school suffered the White-Flight due to desegregation order and now with charter schools, its call the brain-drain. HOWEVER, there is blame to be shared with DSEA and local district unions! These groups supported Race to The Top laced with the Smarter Balanced Assessment! DSEA Judas was rewarded with a DE DOE job a few years before retiring which gave Judas a bump in pension.

I support 100% choice schools and at this point leaning toward school vouchers! HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! These options must be via schools that don’t discriminate during the admission process. Charter schools want equal funding then perhaps their doors should swing the same way as traditional schools!

As for magnet school aka the other white meat! Magnet schools also need open admission via a lottery system.

Odds are DSEA will endorse John Carney who is taking the Rodel reform plan baton from Jack Markell!

Delaware schools suck because those Markell lap-dogs in Dover supported his Washington-Wall Street Trojan Horse reform lack real courage to reform public education via local control partnership. Shifting millions more out of traditional public school to support charter schools that discriminate racially and low academic abilities is noting more than social rape. 

And, for Newark Charter School, which would be one of the primary beneficiaries of an adjusted system from Christina, it would mean an additional $1 million, according to Gregory Meece, the school’s director.

And Newark Charter Schools excludes Christina’s Wilmington city children from the application process via their 5 mile keep them out preference zone!  

Charter schools have been lobbying the Department of Education for years to reconcile the differences in how the formula is applied and make its application uniform, said Kendall Massett, executive director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network.

“It has been brought to their attention numerous times,” she said of the department. “I’m happy that they started to look into it this year.”

No remorse as to the impact on traditional district students! I assure Baldwin’s Frankenstein there will be changingin charter school admissions within the next three years. Just as I said 7 years ago, “DE State Board of Education, all traditional, voctech and charter school boards  will be required to record their public sessions of their board meetings and put online for all to hear”; there “WILL BE” changes to charter school admission laws! The rough draft legislation is in the works! First to go is the 5 mile preference and then rewrite of the Specific Interest!! Also, there will be a more transparent lottery!    

As for the News Journal, do take note that I do make sure to cite the reporter name on my blog post and make sure I put their work in quotations.   

The head of that department, Secretary of Education Steven Godowsky, found himself at the center of a social media firestorm last weekend

Looks like the reporter failed to credit Kevin over at Exceptional Delaware aka the social media outlet the broke the story! Thank you Kevin!