Does Delaware AAA auto club support Markell’s backdoor fuel tax increase?

Feds approve grant to test gas tax replacement , The News Journal

An earlier version of this story did not precisely describe the recipients of the federal grant. This story has been updated.

The Delaware Department of Transportation won a $1.49 million federal grant for a coalition of five East Coast states to test the viability of a mileage-based fee system for drivers.

The money will fund a pilot project for transportation officials to track the driving habits of 50 volunteer Delaware motorists and assess a charge based on their mileage. Similar projects will also occur in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The total cost in all five states is $2.98 million.

Nothing more than raping the public to support bloated government!

Gov. Jack Markell said it is economically imperative for the state to find a reliable transportation funding source.

“Investments in transportation infrastructure are critical to create jobs, grow the economy and protect our people,” he said. “So it is vital that we have sustainable funding for our roads and bridges.”

And we trust Jack why ???? He invested in inadvisable Fisker cars being build at Boxwood and  Bloom Boxes that turn sand into electricity! Then there was the big investment into public education that saw three standardize test for one generation of students.

AAA auto club spokeswoman Cathy Rossi, who until 2014 was an aide to Markell, said public support for gas tax increases has wavered and so something might need to be done differently to fix the country’s roads.

We know “our roads and bridges need ongoing repair and the money to make those repairs doesn’t just fall from the sky,” Rossi said.

So Markell’s former aid is speaking for all AAA members ! So you can’t fuck the taxpayers one way but fuck them another way! Many of us have no problem with a gas tax hike. However, when we have cluster-fucks like Markell as governor the mood turns sour! So this is how my AAA membership is being spent! Playing bias politics !  


2 responses to “Does Delaware AAA auto club support Markell’s backdoor fuel tax increase?

  1. This is so typical of a do nothing politician. They started out yelling for a 10 cent tax hike and of course if you are talking about raiding the tax 50% people are going to go nuts. but politicians knew they didnt want that because if they had raised it 2 cents (not a big deal) and then another penny in 2 years and another 1.5 cents in another 2 years they would have had a new revenue source to rob from because they cant actually make real decisions.

    the first thing they need to do is what MD does – RT 1 tolls – $1 for delaware residents $3 for out of state drivers.


  2. lastDEconservative

    Sooooo, Kilroy, gas tax?

    Why don’t you get back to your raison d’être and put Rodel’s latest email out here for the denizens to digest? Amazing, my clairvoyance. Wasn’t it 3 years ago now I reported from the front lines of the fall Rodel gathering that Common Core and all its manifestations were already in the destroyers’ rear view mirrors and that they were slowing rolling out nouveau internationalism? Well, I guess the water around we frogs (We the Stupid) is almost at a boil, because Paul and Co. are steamrollering out full on “America Sucks, Finland (to name but one) Rocks.” It’s great to see my old pal Andreas is still front and center. My intro to him and his powerpoint was a different meeting during which I wasn’t sure if I was watching Psycho or Candid Camera. Or both.

    This next iteration of the government schooling takeover by The Wise will make all the previous ones together seem like free tutoring session on the role of Christianity on the founding of the nation.

    Stay asleep, bid America goodbye. But don’t worry, we’ll be better for it.