Kilroy eyeing new legislation prohibiting credit-cards outside state issued PCard system for public / charter schools

The credit-card abuse using public school funding must stop must stop! The state auditor’s office lacks the resources to effectively audit those schools that use commercial credit card outside the State of Delaware PCard system (currently via JPMC Bank). If Publius didn’t decide to go sit in the corner with his tail between his leg, he’d be demanding proof of abuse! Folks the abuse is there and as we seen with Moyer Academy DE DOE doesn’t give a rat’s ass the the state auditor cries their ins’t enough help! To Governor Markell’s credit after being pushed on better transparency. He made an executive order requiring the state checkbook registry by department and school be online. Also, same goes for PCards; State Of Delaware Online Credit Card Transactions However, it only applies to state issued PCard no commercial credit cards obtained outside the state system. Just as an example, I don’t see any PCard transaction for Charter School of Newark and few other charter schools. Perhaps the don’t use credit cards. 

Other reporting changes need! Colonial School District reports monthly credit card expenditures by individual credit card holder  and the state should do the same. But again, the system only report state issued card. Also, even with the current reporting system you’ll see questionable expenditures. Amazon books purchases which may be for pleasure of the cardholder and OMG restaurant, hotel and travel expenditures. The time has come to provide better oversight and transparency of credit card usage using public education funding! Take a look at all school financial monthly report to the required Citizen Budget Oversight Committees. You don’t see credit card expenditures. Sure those expenditures are dumped in the little accounting $$$ buckets. So they are reported tuck in the report. It would be a bad idea for each school to report by card holder. Hey Mr Copeland aka Godfather of transparency! How about your charter school ?? Don’t see PCard listed! Are you using First National Bank of MOM or another bank card?? “NOTE K – RELATED PARTY TRANSACTIONS In November 2012, the School entered into a grid note payable to a related party. The loan is payable in full on June 30, 2014, plus accrued interest at a rate of 5.00%. The loan has been extended and is now due in full on June 30, 2016. At June 30, 2015, the outstanding balance due was $87,294. Accrued interest at June 30, 2015, was $4,566.”  Charlie what bank is this loan through?? 😉 

Normally Publius would jump in here and call me a naysayer and a charter school hater. However, his kind just represent the first defense line in cover-ups!

Now here is something most people don’t know! PCard like many credit cards earn rewards $$$. In Delaware those reward $$$ are cashed in going back in the general fund! We’ll I say in the case of public schools those reward $$ go back to the schools. Keep in mind part of public school operating expenditures come from local tax share. So, I would request the law require rewards $$$ go back to the schools. 


2 responses to “Kilroy eyeing new legislation prohibiting credit-cards outside state issued PCard system for public / charter schools

  1. Josiah Andrews

    I actually asked a member of the CBOC at Copeland’s school that very question about the P-Card…..I got the best response ever….. “We don’t use credit cards.”


  2. You might want to check into this further Kilroy. “Don’t see PCard listed!”
    -Not sure that charters are ALLOWED or are supposed to use PCards. That would make the fact that there are no PCard transactions rather moot, no?

    I know you want to use the jello throwing technique of seeing what will stick to charters but take one step back and ask, who really is to blame for our State Educational issues. Charters, who make up a small percentage of school children, OR the TPS’s, the DSEA, and the Democrat controlled blue state governor, mayors and legislature? If the TPS’s were doing such a phenomenal job handling the education in the state, handling their finances, and providing acceptable education, would 25-35% of parents be looking for alternatives? The money wasted by our State government on education is atrocious and you’ve blamed the Republican auditor’s office for not properly auditing? (A dept. which has repeatedly had its funding curtailed by the Democrat controlled legislature) Seems to me a better solution would be to kick personality disorder legislators and back room dealing governors out of office and eliminate the corruption / dysfunction out of State government. That won’t happen though because voters don’t vote reality, they vote to maintain Democrat controlled status quo. Wilmington is just the latest example. Voters in Wilmington continue to vote who they’re “comfortable” with rather than who might actually get the job done. Hence: murder town.

    So when considering legislation to “force” certain ethical financial behavior, be mindful the laws are being drafted by predominantly democrat, some personality disorder displaying representatives and reality ignoring politicians who know most of the public can’t or won’t connect the dots. Getting a good, effective law from this lot is like wishing Santa Claus will bring you that new car from thin air. Pass an NSA law and then have the districts thwart it at every turn? Yeah, that pretty much typifies what you’ll get. Yet you wonder why parents want to opt out of the TPS’s?