FYI ! Kilroy’s Delaware did not go Elivs

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Blogging has been a little slow but rest assured Kilroy isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been down state a lot working on my future retirement nest and haven’t hooked up internet service yet! I’ve been enjoying some well earned R & R and getting the hang of having a golf cart as primary community vehical. And securing crab pods on the back before making my crab pod drop in Rehoboth Bay. Only have two pods allowed by law with no commercial fishing licence.

To be honest, Delaware education is complete fucked up thanks to Jack Markell and sorry to say, Governor Carney will take the Rodel education playbook from Markell and keep heading down the “wrong” road! Carney has already turned his head to requiring charter schools to have open admission with no entrance test whereas, only having open lotteries. Carney has no intention is proving preferential school choice with choice transportation  for Wilmington’s 6-12 grades student with insufficient 6-12 traditional school seating within the city of Wilmington. Carney will allow the continuation of de facto segregation and transportation barriers forcing city kids to stay within assigned feeder schools.

The presidential elections !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Either choice “SUCKS” Trumps is for school choice and less federal intrusion in local control! But some of the fed’s Wall Street seeded school choice plans are federal intrusion! Obama and Hillary nixed out Title 1 Section 1118. The voice of Title 1 parents has been squashed! Trumps talks out of his ass and Clinton play minorities like clueless sheep! Sad to say brothers and sisters! Get ready for the same old same old!

Kilroy is stoking the furnace so stay tuned towards the end of September! 


2 responses to “FYI ! Kilroy’s Delaware did not go Elivs

  1. Both candidates do suck!! And the DDOE, needs to be fixed and fast.


  2. We need voter qualification tests! If voters don’t have the capacity to evaluate the candidate how can the voters choose competent representation. If all they know is to push/ pull the lever for all the candidates with a “D” you will continue to get what we’re getting. If the voters remain blind to facts why should the ‘elected’ care that they are doing a poor job?
    If you are not contributing for the services (paying taxes), why should you be allowed to vote for candidates who choose to use other people’s money to provide these services? If the “voter” is routinely a receiver rather than a contributor, will they ever vote for fiscally responsible behavior?

    The two presidential candidates reflect the lowest common denominators of both parties. On one side a lying, deceitful, manipulative, federal law breaking, divisive, unpatriotic, government wonk. On the other, an over inflated, egotistical, manipulative, businessman, looking to feed his ego some more. If voters had to get qualified to vote, would either of these charlatans have been selected? If candidates were required to be personality profiled, would they even be eligible?