Appo Super debunks Kevin’s $$$$ scrutiny

Appoquinimink addresses tuition tax hike concerns By Yossi Goldstein 1:13am, August 10, 2016 – Updated 3:30pm, August 10, 2016 (WDEL)

After the initial tax hike notice, one area blogger claimed the district’s tuition tax was not justified based on the increased special needs enrollment and the money had either been transferred out of the tuition fund–or was missing altogether.

At the behest of District Superintendent Matt Burrows, Director of Finance for Appoquinimink Dr. Charles Longfellow provided a presentation at Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting.

“It was just a case of someone not understanding everything,” Board President Richard Forsten said to WDEL after the meeting.

Appo Super was responding to this Blog post by Kevin at Exceptional Delaware ; Appoquinimink Gouges Taxpayers For Special Education Tuition Payments But $5 Million Is Unaccounted For.

Appo Super is digging a $$$ hole with his explanation

“Those $5 million of expenditures are essentially captured somewhere else, and when you actually look everywhere, the money is there,” explained Forsten.

During his presentation, Dr. Longfellow noted the “missing” money wasn’t in the State of Delaware’s checkbook, as it was used to help for payroll and other expenditures. Those funds totaled nearly the entire $5.3 million.

Wait the money was there but “somewhere else”? “It was just a case of someone not understanding everything,” Well when you shift funds from one bucket to another bucket with the intention of putting the funds back in the original bucket how in the fuck do you expect the community to keep up?

Lastly, to the charge that money was transferred out of the tuition fund, Longfellow said that was true, but said that happens nearly every year and is a legal maneuver.

Additionally, Forsten explained that the money went to funds that help settle costs that aren’t part of the tuition tax budget itself.

“Administrative, transportation, stuff like that which isn’t captured in the budget gets transferred to the general operations fund to help defray the costs,” allowed the Board President. “That’s where those expenses are paid.”

So that explains it all right ????????????????? WTF

“All the numbers are there and they’re all justified, its just that you have to know what you’re looking for,” said Forsten.

The increase to the tuition tax went into effect last month, and will come out to $5.42 monthly to the average homeowner, or $65.04 for the year.

Send me the Appo $$$$ decoder ring please !!! Hey Appo Super perhaps you should report by IBUs & MBUs. 


4 responses to “Appo Super debunks Kevin’s $$$$ scrutiny

  1. Thanks for putting this up Kilroy. I saw they had a “Tuition Tax Clarification” item up on their agenda for the board meeting last night, but there was no documentation to go along with it. Apparently Longfellow, Burrows, and Forsten need some accounting education because there are specific things you can and can’t do with tuition fund payments.


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  3. Isn’t this the same type of defense CSD used to deflect First State Liberty’s complaints regarding district budgets and referendum requests? In other words, “all you taxpayers don’t understand how we do things so don’t question it, just accept that we are being good stewards of your money and give us more”. Aaaa, no.

    I have no doubt that the path of federal, state, and local funding is serpentine & complicated. The trouble is when you’re asking residents to foot the bill, you darn sure should be able to explain it without needing an accounting degree or Jonathan Gruber to clarify for the “stupid” taxpayer. WTF indeed.