The destruction of Red Clay school district delayed

WEIC pushes back redistricting timeline 

 , The News Journal

The timetable for redistricting schools in Wilmingtonhas been pushed back, but the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission is still working toward consolidating half the city’s students into one district.

Adding more at-risk students to Red Clay without sustainable weighted-funding will break Red Clay’s back and negatively impact all students.  Notice I said, “without sustainable weighted funding.”

The time has come to fund all Delaware public schools like Delaware votechs! The state legislators set property tax-rate for Delaware votech schools. They need to do the same for all public schools that might end the $$ waste. If our state legislator don’t have the courage to take control of school funding they should at least do what it right by requiring all public schools including charter schools to report financial expenditures by IBUs “and” MBUs. Also make it a crime for school boards to approve and permit the use of commercial credit cards beyond the state P-cards. All school district should be required to report P-card expenditures by cardholders like Colonial School District does.

WEIC plan cannot work unless radical changes are made to the current school financial structure. Red Clay taxpayers should not fund a wrongheaded plan and no school board under the current financial cat and mouse game should have the authority to raise school taxes without a referendum.          


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    “In simplest terms, weighted student funding does little or nothing to alter incentives for performance in the schools unless the vague hopes behind these ideas are realized.”

    Let’s be honest. Weighted funding will not be used to provide additional “educational” resources. It will be used to provide non-educational resources which are ‘claimed’ will affect the students and consequently improve the behavior and academics of disadvantaged students. One of Two things will have to happen in order to make this occur; 1.Use ‘state’ money (state taxpayers) to fund it OR 2. Use local district money (local taxpayers) to fund it. Local money means siphoning money off from other students (or raise taxes) in the district. State money means spreading the siphoning off to all residents (or raising state taxes). My question is; What proof is there that any of the siphoning (or taxes) will , without any doubt, improve the academics and behavior of the students in question? Where has this occurred? How was it applied? Can it be reproduced? If there is no proof it will or can happen, is it appropriate to throw anyone’s money at this adventure? Red Clay should not bear the burden anymore than any other district but the WEIC felt they had the most “haves” to go after (or they had more sympathetic residents willing to throw more money at non-educational resources. Redistribution of funds, especially from the supposed “haves” to the “have nots”, while noble and morally understandable, is not a guarantee of results.

    “weighted-funding will break Red Clay’s back and negatively impact all students.” It didn’t seem to bother everyone else when it was Christina’s financial “back” breaking.

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    • lastDEconservative

      M cynically wonders, “What proof is there that any of the siphoning (or taxes) will , without any doubt, improve the academics and behavior of the students in question?”

      My dear M, please remember that “proof” or “results” or “improve” are just words that only the racist, selfish, elitist, terrible makers like yourself (who dare believe that as a maker you should likewise be a keeper) deign to use. As such, you cannot expect an audience, except one that rightfully jeers at you. Please try to remember in the future, it is the soulful intent that matters, and intent alone. Please refrain from using the “r” word.