Did Gov. Markell tell AG Denn to kiss his ass ? re:FOIA

Markell files challenge to AG’s opinion on email request Associated Press 3:36 p.m. EDT July 8, 2016

Gov. Jack Markell has filed a court challenge to an attorney general’s opinion directing his office to review its handling of a Freedom of Information Act request from former state treasurer Chip Flowers.

In its court appeal, the governor’s office claims state law does not require it to explain its rationale for withholding records under the legislative exemption.

Classic Jack Markell play the King Card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Did Gov. Markell tell AG Denn to kiss his ass ? re:FOIA

  1. Markell is a real piece of work. He hides behind the legislators to cover his own crooked ass. Can’t wait until he is gone. Delaware’s bald Hillary…


  2. The fact is that the governors office think they are above the law. As FSAC tries to build a case that collusion occurred after finding the many emails that showed various shelters working with the Governors advisor and Patricia Blevins, we did a FOIA of Jennifer Ranji’s emails. While we suspected the governor office would deny anything that had a legislator included, they instead just flat out denied the request even though we know from the Wasserbach emails that there were emails like the one below that didn’t include Senator Blevins. So it’s not just a matter of hiding behind the legislator exception, Governor Markell and his staff have no regard for transparency or the law.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: “Jane Pierantozzi”
    To: “jennifer.ranji@state.de.us”
    Cc: “Anne Cavanaugh” ,”Anne Gryczon” ,”Patrick Carroll”
    Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:53:41 -0500
    Subject: list for meeting
    here is a list of issues the DESPCA, FF, Safe haven and DHA agree we want your help to facilitate a discussion around for the meeting with Murrey

    Anne, Patrick – please have a list of the last two dog transfers and when their intake, distemper and bordatella shots were given for vaccinate upon intake issue. Also do we have a resource maybe Mitch that we can give Murrey if he says he is having trouble with staffing to do this. So he has no excuses. All his animal control officers should be trained and doing it when and as they get off the trucks.


    Jane Pierantozzi, Executive Director
    Faithful Friends No Kill Animal Shelter
    “God will make a way”
    302-427-8514 ext. 7
    302-427-2855 fax