Merv pulls a AIMS Hat-Trick

duPont (Alexis I.) Middle School


Not Met

School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6 100.0%
Grade 7 100.0%
Grade 8 100.0%

Go figure ! A.I Middle Schools fails to make AYP but yet no student was retained!


6 responses to “Merv pulls a AIMS Hat-Trick

  1. The point is obvious… The test used to determine AYP is bogus.. How can anyone hold a kid back because he didn’t show progress on a test that no adult can answer correctly?

    It is what we’ve been saying all along. You have absolute zero accountability when you use a flawed test like the Smarter Balanced Assessment… If you want accountability, bring back the DCAS…or invent a new test as have done a number of states….

    The problem is not the system… the problem is THE TEST. I for one am glad someone has the fortitude to put Jack’s program under the bus, instead of our kids.


  2. But then administrators hold teachers feet to the fire for the same flawed test and results…

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  3. Kavips beat me to it. The #1 rule in fighting for public education is NEVER use high-stakes state assessment scores to attempt to win an argument. Part of the reason some of these schools may not have met AYP was because of opt out numbers as well. To which I happily salute them. Screw the feds and their AYP crap.


  4. Students are not accountable for their learning, so of course they aren’t held back. AYP has nothing to do with students.


  5. “The Delaware Department of Education, through the U.S. Department of Education’s ESEA Flexibility Renewal process, received approval for a one-year “pause” in the implementation of accountability ratings. Therefore, DDOE has not assigned new ratings for all schools and districts based on assessments administered in the 2014-15 school year. Instead, schools and districts retained their AYP determination from the prior year (based off of assessments given in the 2013-14 school year).”

    There is no 15-16 data for AYP on the state website yet.


  6. Kilroy, THAT is the definition of No Child Left Behind!