WEIC stalls on goal line and Governor Carey intents to run it in for touchdown!

Legislators push back redistricting vote to next year  and , The News Journal

One of Gov. Jack Markell’s legacy issues will linger into the next administration since state lawmakers refused to pass education reform in the last hours of the legislative session.

A plan that was hailed as historic by civic leaderswould have shifted money toward high-poverty schools and redistricted parts of Wilmington, but it failed to get enough support in the state Senate before the clock struck midnight Friday, ending the legislative session that started in January.

Lawmakers ultimately voted to allow the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, which created the plan, to continue its work and try to pass it again next year when Markell will be out of office.

His likely successor, U.S. Rep. John Carney, who is running on the Democratic ticket for governor, said in a prepared statement, “I believe strongly that we need to preserve the progress that WEIC has made and build on it next year.”

More sign future Governor John Carney intents on using the same educational playbook Rodel stuffed in Jack Markell’s $$$$ back-pocket.

I’ve said it before and will say it one more time! This is the plan that need to improve fair and equatable education being denied Delaware’a at-risk children whom many are poor black Wilmington children:

Being there is no Red Clay traditional “middle or high school” in the boundaries of the city of Wilmington, those students living within get to chose their Red Clay suburban-based middle and high school with preferential transportation. Delaware’s Choice school law sounds great! However, without choice transportation poor children are locked in their feeder- school. T

Red Clay robbed a neighborhood of it’s traditional middle school (Conrad) converting it to a Choice only magnet school with an entrance test. Students living in Red Clay’s Alban Park and Robinson Lane were reassigned to new feeder schools miles away.   

Laws needed to be enacted to change charter and magnet schools admission process to a straight-up open lottery end entrance test to “public schools”.  

As far as the WEIC plans someone is overlooking the millions up millions of dollars in needed capital improvements in Christina’s schools destined to be turned over to Red Clay. There has been “no” independent assessments of those schools.  Operational funding!!!! Well we now know the state plan is provide seed-money the stick the Red Clay taxpayers the burden of providing move money to fight the education poverty gap and need-based funding.

There is no need to pawn Christina’s poor students off on Red Clay! The problem with Wilmington’s failing students is WILMINGTON!

If we’re going to combined school districts in New Castle County Delaware let’s combined them all into one New Castle County School District! Yea yea !! I know ! We’ve been there and done that!  

If Red Clay was the answers to improving education among Wilmington’s children what have they been failing along side Christina? Why did Red Clay create a Conrad magnet school the purposely reassigned minority students? If data is to drive improving public education take a looks of Conrad student population data by race and poverty? Honesty,  it appears lately the Red Clay and the board seemed to be more concerned about the “Redskin” issue than the black-skin issue! I hope the board will lead  the charge to address the Red Clay Choice, Charter and Magnet school inequities harming all at-risk students district-wide!   

As far as John Carney!!!! Looks like 8 more years of Jack !!!!!!!!!!!      


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  1. Redskin versus black skin…. Good one!


  2. PS… Are you saying we need to “Jack off” Carney?


  3. I agree, the problem with the WEIC plan is the new local tax burden should be shared by an NCC consolidated school district and not just Red Clay. Brandywine would flip out but too bad.

    If the local tax burden is shared, go ahead and raise my taxes but make sure there are measurable improvements for the students historically left behind and don’t just build a bunch of charters or magnets to comfort the comfortable.


    • Mike,
      Why should the rest of the state or county be on the hook for issues they didn’t create, can’t solve, and are powerless to correct?
      Why is it unfair for Red Clay to carry the financial burden? I agree, it would be unfair, I am just asking why it was OK to tell CSD it was their geographic, social and academic burden for years with no alternative revenue stream.
      -The problem with redistribution is sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

      “If the local tax burden is shared, go ahead and raise my taxes but make sure there are measurable improvements for the students historically left behind and don’t just build a bunch of charters or magnets to comfort the comfortable.”

      #1 Make sure there are “Measurable improvements” where? Their academics, their behavior, their social skills (i.e.: they don’t assault fellow students)?? All of the above? Who will qualify that? DOE? LOL. A Superintendent who has to cook his books to maintain the revenue? LOL Who? How will they qualify it? Standardized tests? LOL. When will we know when the mission is complete? When we have doubled / tripled property taxes and we still have socioeconomic problems?
      #2 Don’t improve the “comfort of the comfortable”?? You mean don’t worry about the students/ parents/ families that already support the schools, pay their bills, do their homework, and don’t assault or mug their fellow students? Yeah, screw ’em, they’re too “comfortable” for their own good. They need to suffer some more with poorly performing schools and they need to pay more for them. How dare they seek refuge in schools more focused on education and behavior.

      The WEIC is simply an issue of money. Who will pay for the efforts to address educational and socioeconomic dysfunctions in the city? Mind you, I write “efforts”, because actually getting results will not be forthcoming. The schools cannot correct the dysfunctional social structures present in our metropolitan areas. The teachers can’t, the schools can’t and money can’t. All this discussion about resources and who will pay, ignores the examples where it has already been tried. Kansas city. http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/americas-most-costly-educational-failure

      What is the WEIC really offering other than what Kansas City promised but didn’t deliver?


    • lastDEconservative

      “Mind you, I write “efforts”, because actually getting results will not be forthcoming.”

      S/he did it again. Jeez, M, I don’t get to write any more. Every time I click “post comment”, a box pops up and “incisive snark quota reached, try later.”


  4. LDC
    I’m kinda of waiting to hear what it is the “fund it now” crowd is expecting out of the whole deal. What is the magic pill that will “fix” children and families who have access to schools, have a crusader determined to prevent discipline on minorities, have buildings that are staffed with college degree professionals, have free transportation and have nutritionally acceptable food but can’t seem to excel in their educational endeavors. What is it that the schools are presently missing? “Highly” qualified staff? Brand new buildings? 12 students per classroom? What will be the panacea to end the debate? Whatever that panacea is, is there proof or examples of success that will guarantee success? Or is it just, spend it and maybe it will come?


    • lastDEconservative

      M, of course you raise the ever present rhetorical question. “They” know in their hearts it will never come, but in the meantime, “they” are “doing something”, taking your money and mine, more and more of it, gradually increasing their influence (spending) while (brilliantly) reducing ours (by impoverishing we the makers).

      While you and I are busy trying to earn enough to stay afloat, loaded down with the weight of many families not our own, they are busy parading around their “accomplishments” AND railing how success is just around the corner, just over the horizon, IF ONLY THE STUPID, ELITIST, RACIST, SELFISH, UNFAIR MAKERS WOULD SIMPLY COUGH UP ENOUGH OF THEIR LIFE’S REWARD TO LET THE UNWILLING AND/OR UNABLE HAVE ENOUGH TO GET TO THE GOAL. And chanting, never fear, we won’t stop trying to get more from them, count on us, stay in the hammock, listen to the lullaby, pick up your check on the first, demand more (we can use your help), and really, just sit there and whine, we’re getting to you.

      God help us.



    • SERSU’s – nice.
      Forgot: segregationist and cowardly (because everyone knows that if you cowardly don’t divulge your real name, your points of pragmatic rational thought are meaningless) whereas if you DO provide your real name you can be as narcissistic and display as many sociopathic tendencies as you like. http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-narcissist-and-vs-sociopath/

      I encourage everyone to read up on these two disorders. It is rather scary to see who, especially politically, falls into these categories.


  5. I am not a mind reader, but there have been enough statements made by rather influential people that it isn’t too hard to conclude that passage was not necessarily the goal of the WEIC. This is about power, pure and simple. Right now, the powers that be in the City of Wilmington have little to no influence over the education of the residents of the city. This is a first step in regaining that control. What that will look like in the end…a xfer to RC…a new district…who knows…is not what this is about. This is about control. And money of course.


    • lastDEconservative

      “Right now, the powers that be in the City of Wilmington have little to no influence over the education of the residents of the city.”

      And, John, do you really not think that’s by design? Accomplished with a wink and a nod behind all the noise and bluster in the public eye? That the fix was not in from the beginning of this Commission no. 287?

      Put another way, just how much responsibility do the “powers that be” actually want? I submit none. They would much rather rail about the conditions, standing on the sidelines, than actually have to roll up sleeves and do the real work necessary. They don’t really have a choice, do they? The minute they step into the breach, they’ve admitted the horrific conditions that exist, exist … and whence these conditions? A: The powers that be.


  6. And while this thread is poking holes in the WEIC, there are other blog posters pulling the curtain back on Christina’s on-goings after they got a referendum passed by a slim margin. Props to the blogger (seriously) and even to the board member who are verifying what many of us know, goes on. CSD has a credibility issue and their handling of the finances and priorities after the referendum is no different then the parsing of words regarding Ol Hillary’s handling of high level communications. The arrogance of how things are being handled is EXACTLY why residents do not believe the districts should receive additional funds.

    It is indefensible to NOT do what you said you would do vs. do things which were never said would be done. IT IS FRAUD. PERIOD. A president of the CSD board parsing words of ‘how the funds will/ can be used, who will authorize it, and how they’ll implement them’, is the poster child of the pathetic condition of how state agencies fail. If I lie on my taxes, I go to jail or personally pay a fine. If a district doesn’t spend money on what they said they would, they just ask for more money.

    Let’s try this district personnel (Board, Admin, etc) if you don’t do what you said you would and provide concrete identifiable results, you (the board members, the super / their staff and school principals) must pay back what you spent on that did not do what you said would. In other words; DELIVER OR PAY BACK. Will that work for you? HEM? Will that motivate you to parse more words.
    “The referendum promised to “increase funding for students, classroom teachers and school support staff.” The root of the problems and the confusion here lies more with the state’s funding system than with anything at the school or district level. Nobody ever claimed, or at least I never heard anybody say anything at all about restoring all cut positions except possibly librarians.”