Jenny bails on Delaware DOE! Their loss

Jennifer Nagourney Leaving Delaware DOE By Exceptional Delaware

I have to admit, I was kind of bummed to hear this.  Lord knows I have issues with charter schools, but I do recognize they are here.  If you were going to have someone do the job, Jennifer Nagourney was the right choice to run the Charter School Office at the Delaware Department of Education.  She inherited a huge mess and had to put out a lot of fires during her time.  But she did it with grace and aplomb during a very troubling era of Delaware charter schools.  I know I kept her busy, but the reality is it would have been a great deal worse had someone else been in the job.  There were many things going on she had absolutely no control of.  The actions of others in charters who were doing what they did long before her time.   

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Normally I’ll bash some of the folks leaving the Delaware Department of Education but in Jenny’s case, I wish her the best of luck.

Jenny might be a little paranoid of some of us outspoken Delawareans but her limited engagement was appreciated.  During her stay at DE DOE she did help raise the bar on charter school application and oversight. She replaced a DE DOE Rodel puppet who had no grit!

I can only imagine working for state with such micromanagement with strings going all the way back to the governor. Because of Jenny Delaware thinks a little bit hard before approving a new charter school application and doesn’t let the concern with negative backlash on the charter school movement get to them when closing an existing charter school. Believe it or not I support charter school but only question the skewed racist charter school admission protected by law. Publius and the other charter schools supporters that don’t give a rat’s ass about “fair and equitable” access to charter schools are heartless. In my opinion no public funding school should set entrance test that knowingly will exculde at-risk minorities. Also, a system of charters designed for achievers and  underachievers is nothing more that segregation! Sure we can call it de facto segregation whereas poor parents made the choice to send their child to a charter school full of at-risk students. However, with Delaware law allowing racially seeded utterance test what choice do they have.

DE DOE Jenny does tip her hand and I know she cares about some of the rooted issues and does care about equal access. However, she quickly learned the Delaware way where Jack Markell owns all. I hope wherever DE DOE Jenny goes they “empower” her to do her job in away to be fair to all children and not be part of a political agenda!

DE DOE is a victim of a Delaware political agenda and should be held accountable. So Jenny good luck where ever you go !     


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  1. Josiah Andrews

    GRAMMAR POLICE!!! It’s “their” loss.


    • lastDEconservative

      Not necessarily in Kilroy’s universe, Josiah. “There loss, here loss, everywhere a loss loss, our man Kilroy had a blog, e, i, e, i, ooooohh.”


  2. Quick… someone call 867-5309 and beg her to stay!

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