What Happened AFTER The WEIC Vote

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Immediately after the Wilmington redistricting bills passed the House, local and state media interviewed State Rep. Charles Potter and Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Chair Tony Allen.  Both stated this is a positive step forward.  Allen reiterated that if the funding isn’t there, the plan will be suspended by the commission.  He stressed the funding is critical at this point.


Afterwards, Delaware Governor Jack Markell came down from his Legislative Hall office and offered congratulations to Jea Street, Tony Allen, and Senator Margaret Rose-Henry.  After that, Markell, Allen, Dan Rich, Senator Henry and the Governor’s Education Policy Advisor, Meghan Wallace all went up to Markell’s office for a closed-door discussion.


Rumors are swirling that New Castle County will be giving money towards the redistricting plan.  There has been no verification of this, how much money, or what the source of the money would be.

The redistricting resolution heads to the Senate…

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6 responses to “What Happened AFTER The WEIC Vote

  1. lastDEconservative

    Who thinks that this is not over? The irresponsible reprobates that populate the legislature have “done something.” That’s the standard. That’s the finish line.

    Not done something productive, certainly not proactive, never for the betterment of a situation, not something they can be accountable for when it inevitably fails … it’s over. Say goodnight, Gracie, or Tony, as the case may be.

    Let the harrumphing around by the always pretending-to-be-bystanders begin. Sickening.


  2. The only House Democrat that can be trusted is Kim Williams. Remember that in November. The whole machine needs to be replaced by “the other guy” before Delaware is totally ruined. Was that Markell’s plan? Sure seems to be, 100%!


  3. Let’s ask a strange question; Why does RCCSD need more money / funding based on the WEIC plan if CSD was having to pay for / support the same schools + the transportation costs associated with a non-contiguous district? The state funding follows the child right? Is the trouble the local contribution per child? Well, the city parents should now be paying their local contribution to RCCSD right? Where is the money going from the local school taxes? Perchance, they aren’t paying much in the way of local taxes so that would mean RCCSD residents would have to subsidize the students. Ouch. And the District didn’t go to the residents to see if it was OK to absorb the schools (they want the state to pay that). Double ouch. But wasn’t CSD paying for all these students before? If CSD could do it, why can’t RCCSD? Maybe that’s why CSD was having trouble financially, behaviorally and educationally? Oh, but when these issues were raised, the accusations of racism, discrimination and elitism were thrown around like jello.
    Maybe the city of Wilmington, with its current wage taxes, needs to stop requiring prevailing wage jobs, save the difference on it’s buildings and use the savings to pay for their residents’ portion of local school taxes and actually support their residents’ children. Maybe tap Jea’s Hilltop Lutheran center which is receiving State and Federal funds and direct it to the schools instead. Maybe ask his NOT-for-profit organization to reduce his, probably 6 figure salary, down a bit and direct it to the schools. Maybe make an actual city district that the city pays for itself instead having to subsidize other residents or the state.
    The issue always comes back to who is going to pay for the non-educational services that the pundits say is imperative to “correct” the problem. Maybe, just maybe, if the adults who are only contributing children, would be a little more contributory behaviorally, financially or in parental manner, we wouldn’t have these non educational issues. Parents teaching a child to behave themselves, providing a basic breakfast and lunch, and requiring the child to do homework, isn’t as expensive or hard, unless you don’t even try, in which case, shame on you and your unethical, immoral and irresponsible behavior.
    The WEIC should use a picture of an individual pointing in opposite directions as it’s logo. Everyone involved (WEIC members, city council, local politicos, governor) wants to point away from the individuals creating the problem and point responsibility to some one else. Additionally they want to make someone else (taxpayers) to be financially and socially responsible for problems they didn’t create and are powerless to correct. Not good. Jea is great at blaming and suing others, maybe he should sue and arrest the people having children they can’t/ won’t support for child abuse.


    • lastDEconservative

      Another remarkable treatise. Thanks. I especially like the logo idea. There’s the germ of an idea for MANY logos here in the Republic and in politics in general.


  4. Doing something, anything, seems to be the goal of the WIEC. I have yet to hear one sensible explanation as to why a move to RC is in the best interests of the children. Why not just create a Wilmington School District? If the city is grown up enough to have its own Mayor, its own council, it is certainly grown up to run its own school district. Why was this not considered? Why was the move to RC considered? The answer is easy. Doing something is the goal. Real change requires hard work.


    • Well done John! “Why not just create a Wilmington School District?”

      The answer, as you probably already know is; because that would mean the city would have to pay for it. Shock and Awe. The assumption of course is that the elitist, segregationist residents of North Star, Hockessin, and Greenville would be more willing or capable of funding the aforementioned CSD schools therefore the WEIC and our governor targeted them to take over the schools. Right on que RCCSD representatives took the bait or were told they would granted shade for their cooperation. Funny that CSD wasn’t offered the same shade or promise of funds (given their prior efforts to demand competency from the governor.)

      One correction: “Appearing” to do something is the goal.

      Real change would require voters to vote for intelligent and pragmatic representation rather than voting the party line or for personality disorder individuals. Less than a year out from an election, you can be sure the new governor will magically come up with a way to appease the rest of the state for low income students AND provide the funding RCCSD wants. He’ll look like a hero and all will be right with the Delaware Way except those individuals responsible for the students/ children who create many our educational challenges, will still not be held responsible.The state is the enabler or the dysfunctional behavior. The taxpayers are just the bank-rollers who keep voting for the same enablers in governmental positions. Just wait till the Loretta Lynch DOJ and Sec. of ED John King comes out with their student code of conduct based on socio-economic status.