If we want radical change in Washington why not sent radical Trump to D.C.?

Honestly at the end of the day we all lose with Clinton or Trump as president! Which is the worst of two evils?

As for the republicans, Donald Trump is a hybrid teabagger  whereas, the Republican Party seeded the Tea Party. The Trump Party is a radical one man political party.  No matter what win or lose Trump existence will be the turning point in reshaping the Republican Party and for-sure, we’ll see a shift back to right of center vs extreme right in the Delaware Republican Party.   


3 responses to “If we want radical change in Washington why not sent radical Trump to D.C.?

  1. Linda Calder

    I am so f***ing tired of the excuses from the Democratic Party (where I am registered) about prohibiting folks from buying assault weapons!!!!!!!!!!! I could even think about voting for Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats need to stand the heck up and make the members of Congress really represent the majority of Americans and not the money bags of the NRA!!!! REPEAL the antiquated 2nd amendment!!! We have our local police as well as our military forces to protect us, we do not need to possess military grade assault weapons to defend ourselves!


    • lastDEconservative

      I’d love to watch this one define “assault weapon.”

      I love that there are all these folks out there. While they’re getting shot up, I’m reloading. My firearms, that is. Of which mine are many and varied, about half of them military issue, Uncle Sam’s and der Fuhrer’s. My firearms, that is. Tough call as to the favorite … my Model 94 Winchester lever action is up there. A real life, -really- take out Black Bart, Ralphie special … firearm. Wait … here’s the Nazi Officer’s 9mm Luger with the 6″ barrel … and the …


  2. Josiah Andrews

    I don’t need the local police or any military to protect me. I have the guaranteed right of the United States Constitution to protect myself under the Second Amendment. Linda, if you don’t like guns, don’t own one. But to take the stand that you want the 2nd Amendment repealed is just plain stupid.