Go figure ! Smarter Balanced Assessment not good enough to hold Delaware teachers accountable !

Delaware teacher evaluations could see less focus on test scores , The News Journal

Delaware would all but eliminate the role of test scores in teacher evaluations if a bill in the General Assembly passes. The practice has been part of an ongoing debate about measuring student achievement.

The state currently requires that annual appraisals of educators include how well student scores grew on the state standardized test if they teach a subject included on that exam. But Rep. Earl Jaques, D-Glasgow, chairman of the House Education Committee, said the system is too narrowly focused and doesn’t accurately reflect the abilities of the educator.

I am not a big fan of federally seeded local public school student assessment and certainly not a fan of holding teachers accountable on the skewed testing outcomes. However, what are the “transparent” means to hold teachers accountable?     

Rep Jaques says, “the system is too narrowly focused”! Is he referring to the common core standards? And what about parents rights to opt their child out the skewed testing process?

Before our legislators throw in the towel on using the Smarter Balanced Testing results as “one” of the measurements in teacher evaluation perhaps he offer and an alternative plan! 

“In the NFL, when a team goes to draft a player, they don’t look at one game and make a decision based on that,” he said. “They evaluate them over the course of a long time.”

Hello McFly Jaques ! Education our children is a sport and you analogy has no relevancy!

State Department of Education spokeswoman Alison May in statement said state officials “expressed some concerns to the sponsor” and is glad that the state is starting with a pilot.

“We agree the system should be improved, but have concerns that this bill will make the student achievement component, and the whole evaluation, less useful in identifying the most effective teaching practices as well as areas in which educators need more support,” May said.

May said the department was open to changes like excluding the test scores of students who miss more than 15 percent of class time.

I can’t believe I am say this! But for once I can side with DE DOE! And excluding student test scores of those students and their parents don’t give a rat’s ass is a step in the right direction. 

Delaware’s largest teacher union supports the bill.

“This really focuses on the student as a whole, not just a test score,” said Jackie Kook, a Christina School District teacher and member of the Delaware State Education Association. “The test score is easy because it is uniform, but it doesn’t reflect all the many things we do.”

So true and the weight of poverty in a class room needs to be factored in! I think a good way to weed out those in the profession who are cutting it is ending the VT process for those teachers who receive and unsatisfactory school level evaluation. Why push under-performing teachers  to other schools? Most of the VT’s end up in high-needs schools.  

So before our state legislators support Rep Jaques, they need to demand an acceptable teacher accountability plan. Also, we might want to wait until Governor Carney takes the oath of office.

4 responses to “Go figure ! Smarter Balanced Assessment not good enough to hold Delaware teachers accountable !

  1. Please don’t tell me you agree with the DOE Kilroy. Not on this.


  2. Mr Kilroy, is the obviousness of the problems not readily apparent??
    1. Test scores are only a barometer and can be useful to gauge students minimum competency but it was our truly inspiring governor who pushed to use test scores to gauge teacher effectiveness. Who voted for the Democrat governor? DSEA ? yes Unions? yes Many minority voters who typically support Democratic party candidates? yes. Didn’t they get what they wanted?
    2. The DSEA has known for a long time they would never allow full implementation of the criteria so they went along with the governor but have thwarted every effort to actually carry out any real accountability competency criteria for teachers. They made it as Gruberized as they could, just for this reason.
    3. Teachers are not the primary reason our students can’t or won’t pass standardized tests. Therefore their performance as “educators” needs a different kind of evaluation but that doesn’t play well with taxpayers paying for schools and districts which fail/ or are incapable of getting their arms around discipline/ behavioral problems.
    4. The tests don’t improve education, they simply identify that our politicians and schools are not able to address non-educational problems but that doesn’t stop them from dumping more and more taxpayer “educational” funds into the department.

    How selfish of us who are opposed to the state sponsored boondoggling.


  3. “So before our state legislators support Rep Jaques, they need to demand an acceptable teacher accountability plan.”

    Very funny. DSEA and schools will never let an accountability plan happen. Because you can’t make teachers accountable for problems they aren’t capable of resolving. From a racially biased NY teacher:
    “Homicide, incarceration and teenage pregnancy are real-life issues students in urban communities fall victim to every day.

    “Victim” should probably be changed to “are a product of every day”. No one in education is making urban students commit homicide, or making them commit crimes or making them get pregnant. If only their clothes were clean and they could eat breakfast at 10:30, they wouldn’t be so unruly.


  4. lastDEconservative

    “Delaware’s largest teacher union supports the bill.”

    All one needs to know to know it’s no good.

    Well, that and “If only their clothes were clean and they could eat breakfast at 10:30, they wouldn’t be so unruly.” Wait. That was about the teachers, wasn’t it?

    Who didn’t think the union voting block would win out? Beuhler? Beuhler?