Critical bill fails and Red Clay will implode under the weight of WEIC

House Committee can’t move bill smoothing WEIC path James Fisher, The News Journal

A bill meant to ease tax-power fears about the redistricting plan for Wilmington schools failed to clear the House Education Committee Wednesday, making passage of the the broader plan a tougher sell for its supporters.

The bill was supposed to assure that if the Legislature approves the redistricting plan, it would not be giving school districts statewide any new authority to raise school property taxes without taxpayer permission, said Rep. Sean Lynn, the bill’s sponsor.

With no sustainable funding Red Clay will $$$ implode under the weight of WEIC. Also, rumor has it Rep. Earl Jacques is looking the other way in regards to the $90 million dollars capital funding needs to bring Christina’s schools destine to be Red Clay’s  up to standards. Many of these Christina schools are on their last HAVC leg. Folks the years of Red Clay progress will slip backwards! The weight of more high poverty students Christina is dumping on Red Clay will negatively impact all high poverty students and those students who are not!  The start up WEIC seed money is not sustainable and great financial burden will shift onto the backs of Red Clay taxpayers via more and more referendums.


3 responses to “Critical bill fails and Red Clay will implode under the weight of WEIC

  1. It’s out of committee. Read Kevin’s blog.


    • That is almost right John. The News Journal updated the article last night to reflect State Reps. Matthews and Heffernan will vote for HB424 to be released from the House Education Committee in a *special* meeting on Tuesday just for that bill (they are normally on Wednesdays). This would allow it to get a full House vote, most likely on Thursday.


  2. Sorry, Kevin, I had forgotten where I had read it – and of course, I just assumed you were the source. 😉