QTD ? Who will battle it out for Sen. Karen Peterson’s Senate Seat?

State Sen. Karen Peterson says she won’t run for re-election , The News Journal

Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, told surprised colleagues Tuesday she would not run for a fifth term in the state Senate.

Peterson, the state’s first openly gay state lawmaker, was a leading champion of the same-sex marriage law that passed in 2013. She announced her decision not to run again after noting her wife, Vikki Bandy, was in the Senate chamber.

“I wanted her to be with me as I announce my retirement. I will not be running for re-election this year,” Peterson said as several colleagues gasped in surprise. “You just know in your heart when it’s time. And it’s true. For me, it’s time.”

I have a hunch who may run for Senator Karen Peterson’s senate seat and who will run for seat the political seat that person vacates.

Anybody have any guesses ???



6 responses to “QTD ? Who will battle it out for Sen. Karen Peterson’s Senate Seat?

  1. Josiah Andrews

    I have only heard of one Republican who has mentioned that he is interested in that seat. He happens to be a teacher in a charter school.


    • lastDEconservative

      Homosexual I suppose. Isn’t the seat reserved now? And isn’t there a quota? An equitable distribution?


  2. john kowalko

    Now, now Pencader m. There’s a “repulsive” statement made by a “repulsive” person (lastDE) with a “repulsive” hate complex. One of your inner circle of friends apparently.
    Representative John Kowalko


    • Representative K
      Shouldn’t you be balancing the state budget right now? (on the backs of those who are already paying for everything already) Or is this what you do; (post on blogs) while real legislators are trying to figure out how to spend, hide, and grab taxpayers’ money while obfuscating their legislative responsibility.
      Seems you have a much bigger supply of hate given your inclination to call people derogatory names.


  3. Josiah Andrews

    The gentleman that I was referring to is not a homosexual. He is married, with two kids. He certainly isn’t a right wing lunatic, but he isn’t a bleeding heart liberal. He’s fiscally conservative, but socially moderate. I am waiting for him to give me the okay, to give his name. I think he is waiting to see what happens with his teaching position this summer.


  4. john kowalko

    Now, now M Ryder, perhaps a course in reading comprehension would help you better interpret the “repulsive” and bigoted attitude that is obvious in Lastde con-artists above remarks. Unless, of course, you agree with that base and hate-filled type of post. And to your point. I happen to be able to multi-task so I can protect the taxpayers money from the corporate leeches and still manage to enjoy some light-hearted banter with the various intellectual deficients who troll these waters.
    Representative John Kowalko