DE Senator Townsend pulls fire alarm ;) on clean water

Income tax add proposed to fix water quality , The News Journal

A  proposed add-on to the annual state personal income tax of up to $40 per person or $80 per household  and an increase in business license fees from $75 to $120 a year, could be introduced by state lawmakers early next week to raise money needed to restore thousands of miles of polluted creeks, streams, rivers and bays that run through Delaware

Sen. Bryan Townsend, D- Newark, co-chair of the task force that came up with the proposal, said the task force meets Tuesday and will finalize the recommended legislation.

“We know what the issue is,” he said. “We just simply need the money” to start addressing the problems.



Real nice Bryan! Put the $$$$ screws to the people! Just a cup of $$$ coffee for school referendums and another for cleaning up the water ways polluted by industry!  

Townsend is opening Pandora’s Box by fucking with “income tax” to serve an agenda that has no clear road map to implementation of cleaning up our water ways! Bryan show us a model of state-of-the-art water treatment plants! Show us a timeline ! What about the herbicide your landscaper spray on you lawn? Shouldn’t we tax you !  


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