Did Publius get evicted from Delaware?


Lawn sign is down. Imminent moving on. Thank the Uncle for the disruption. Will be a “Capitol” move, thus leaving it to the most-obvious 51 (including PR) speculations or any other speculations of your paranoid followers.

Will miss your blog — sort of. :-). Will not miss my pin-headed detractors. Will let you know when I have no remaining interest in The Delaware Way.


Good new Publius !!! With the recording of school board meetings out of the way, a long seven year mission, Kilroy can expand beyond Delaware. I know you are bummed-out with the economic impulsion of the merger. The impact on vendors wasn’t tallied on the big board.  And  the Tony Robbins, Franklin Planner and 6 Sigma shit doesn’t work! Perseverance always prevails!  

I’ll keep a light on for you. 


8 responses to “Did Publius get evicted from Delaware?

  1. Eve Buckley

    Publius, I can’t believe you’re leaving DE before I do. Be kind to your new neighbors. Best wishes.


  2. If it wasn’t for family obligations there would be a whole lot more people leaving this area. The only people coming TO Delaware are the ones leaving New York, MD and NJ who are trying to escape their oppressive taxes only to find DE has low taxes, along with low competency.
    Good Luck Publius, hopefully you’re headed to the Carolina’s or Texas where rationality and pragmatism is more prevalent.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … along with low competency.”

      OMG, M, excellent!!!!!!! (For a stupid, elitist, racist … )


  3. Eve Buckley

    I gather from his message that he’s headed to DC.


  4. lastDEconservative

    I can’t believe a denizen of Kilroy’s got out before I did. My departure has been delayed almost a year, but should be executed by Christmas, or should I say “winter break.” Back to the south. Cheers, y’all.