Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

Did Publius get evicted from Delaware?


Lawn sign is down. Imminent moving on. Thank the Uncle for the disruption. Will be a “Capitol” move, thus leaving it to the most-obvious 51 (including PR) speculations or any other speculations of your paranoid followers.

Will miss your blog — sort of. :-). Will not miss my pin-headed detractors. Will let you know when I have no remaining interest in The Delaware Way.


Good new Publius !!! With the recording of school board meetings out of the way, a long seven year mission, Kilroy can expand beyond Delaware. I know you are bummed-out with the economic impulsion of the merger. The impact on vendors wasn’t tallied on the big board.  And  the Tony Robbins, Franklin Planner and 6 Sigma shit doesn’t work! Perseverance always prevails!  

I’ll keep a light on for you.