Fill in the blank ____________

I remember Delaware when ________


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  1. Publius e decere

    ___ when Dan Frawley showed up at nearly every party in town to mingle and advocate for the city. A fun guy, a good guy.

    ___ when there were no blogs 🙂


  2. Linda Calder

    I was proud to be a Delaware Democrat! I am a senior citizen and I now know that “my” governor wants to penalize me for working all of my life in Delaware and paying my full share of taxes by taking away the senior citizen discount on property taxes! I think he might subscribe to the notion of turning all of us older residents out into the wilderness to fair as best that we can against the elements and predators that are waiting for us. If this is what the Delaware Democratic Party wants for the state’s registered Democrats, then I think it is now time for me and my family to switch our party affiliation!


    • Publius e decere

      The current senior discount is logical and appropriate. If anything, it should be expanded each year to keep pace with mitigation of future school tax increases. The school tax should be reasonably weighted toward working age residents. Seniors should be weighted toward a somewhat flatter tax trend.

      If districts could make a better case for their tax increases (for example, demonstrate true efficiencies) then the senior populace would have a somewhat easier time with the increases they are subjected to. When districts play a guilt card and fatuously say “it’s for the kids” or worse accusatively say “tax opponents are holding our kids hostage” then they should expect the highest of opposition to any tax increase.

      The job of a district is to persuade the public with real cost efficiencies, real academic results, and real reductions — dare I same eliminations — of poor school environments. In short, make a case for truly great schools.

      When districts resort to a panoply of timing-contrived “school events” on Election Day and use their FERPA-unprotected directories for robo-calling in favor of a tax increase then they should expect a visceral opposition by a public constituency — such as senior citizens — who are not part of this “favored” target group.

      Here is a simple a fair prescription:
      1. Retain the senior discount on tax rates
      2. Neutralize the bias in school tax elections (referendums) by holding them at non-school venues or by closing schools and all events at those schools on Election Day other than the election itself.
      3. Nullify any school board member election with a voter turnout of less than 1000 qualified voters.

      Sort of like Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan — but without the pizza, the hoopla, and the humor.



  3. __ when Jack hadn’t sold our schools.

    __ when Publius hadn’t yet drunk the Kool-Aid of reformer insanity and baseless Quixotic accountability that fails us, repeatedly

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  4. ___ when rational, factual thought lead to pragmatic decisions and solutions instead of politically pandered ideas based on emotional feel good proposals, socialist leaning redistribution and backdoor money deals.

    For all the teachers who already know where the drive for common core has been coming from and validation to other in the educationally employed:
    ““Unfortunately, our foundation underestimated the level of resources and support required for our public education systems to be well-equipped to implement the standards,” Desmond-Hellmann wrote. “We missed an early opportunity to sufficiently engage educators — particularly teachers — but also parents and communities, so that the benefits of the standards could take flight from the beginning.

    “This has been a challenging lesson for us to absorb, but we take it to heart. The mission of improving education in America is both vast and complicated, and the Gates Foundation doesn’t have all the answers.”

    It was a remarkable admission for a foundation that had often acted as though it did have all the answers. Today, the Gates Foundation is clearly rethinking its bust-the-walls-down strategy on education — as it should. And so should the politicians and policymakers, from the federal level to the local, who have given the educational wishes of Bill and Melinda Gates and other well-meaning philanthropists and foundations too much sway in recent years over how schools are run.”


  5. I remember Delaware when it’s suburban NCC schools were wonderful. I remember when a court ruling destroyed that.


  6. I remember when traditional suburban NCC schools were excellent… I also remember Murray Schwartz…..


  7. Publius e decere


    Lawn sign is down. Imminent moving on. Thank the Uncle for the disruption. Will be a “Capitol” move, thus leaving it to the most-obvious 51 (including PR) speculations or any other speculations of your paranoid followers.

    Will miss your blog — sort of. :-). Will not miss my pin-headed detractors. Will let you know when I have no remaining interest in The Delaware Way.



    • Farewell Publius. I wish I could say it was real. I wish I could say it was fun. But it has been real fun! In all seriousness, I do wish you the best of luck. I know we didn’t agree on about 90% of things, but in the end it was all about conversation that was desperately needed. You did actually teach me a thing or two.


  8. I remember when people had to pay tuition to send their kids to exclusive schools.

    I remember when public schools didn’t take severely disabled children.


    • I remember when _____
      Aristotle: “Even supposing the chief good to be eventually the aim for the individual as for the state, that of the state is evidently of greater and more fundamental importance both to attain and to preserve. The securing of one individual’s good is cause for rejoicing, but to secure the good of a nation or of a city-state is nobler and more divine.”
      -The needs of the many(students who want to learn) outweigh the needs of the few (troublemakers and dysfunctional).

      I remember when a democracy was____
      Oxford English Dictionary.[1] Democracy is further defined as (a:) “government by the people; especially : rule of the majority
      -rather than the rights/ entitlements of the few dictating the actions of the majority.

      I remember when ____ TPS’s ignored the requests of the many and responsible parents were forced to make educational choices for their children (private, parochial, charters, magnates) in the face of obvious non-majority based Public education decisions.

      I remember when ____ TPS administrators were paid 6 figures to manage and oversee the proper operation of districts instead of offering questionnaire surveys of how to enact basic discipline.
      “4. What barriers exist to improving Christina School District’s school climate and discipline?” Duh, the actual administrators who won’t or are not allowed to enforce discipline are the barriers along with social justice advocates who refuse to hold the dysfunctional accountable.
      “5. What actions should Christina School District take to improve school climate and discipline?” Duh, offer students more food, laundering, and beg them to behave. (Pretty please don’t tell me to FO)

      I remember when____ parents sent their children to schools (parochial, private, charter, magnate, & TPS’s to teach them how to be upstanding, responsible, contributing people rather than provide their children with breakfast, lunch, clothing, MMA training and daycare.


  9. Those were the days my friend
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d sing and dance forever and a day


  10. Pencadermom

    I remember when I thought I liked Delaware public schools.
    I remember when Delaware was just a place across the river where we came to shop and go out to dinner.
    Bye Publius, didn’t always agree with you on here, but I did most of the time so will miss your comments and your common sense


  11. I remember Delaware when:
    There was a Republican DE Governor.
    My school was a lovely suburban school, with ball fields and playgrounds, and I was able to walk to school. That school is now a retirement home.
    On the first day that I was bussed to the city, when a fight broke out in the girls’ bathroom and I saw a girl get pushed out of the second floor bathroom window.


  12. I remember when _____ schools were learning environments before the legislators, ACLU, and education “professional admins” decided keeping disruptive, violent, dysfunctional students in school with the other non-disruptive, non-violent, non-dysfunctional students was a better idea.
    I remember when______ schools were schools instead of semi lock-down buildings necessitating police in the hallways even in elementary & middle school.

    Come on. Are we really going to have a police force in school buildings with 3rd graders because “grown ups” refuse to deal with inappropriate students??? (i.e. separate them from the general student population) Really??? At what point do people start to say to legislators and schools, IT IS COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE to endanger children by exposing them to dysfunctional, dangerous behavior. Is it going to take a lawsuit from a parent accusing schools of child endangerment to stop the idiocy of ignoring school discipline and environment? I am not advocating for nervous nellies but placing police in schools, (which are supposed to be learning, safe environments) is a complete misuse of our law enforcement personnel. Get the dangerous, extremely inappropriate & dysfunctional kids out of the classroom! Remand them to their parents and let the producers of said inappropriate children figure out what needs to be done. This is not rocket science and placing the burden of child behavior on the shoulders of law enforcement personnel is crazy! Tell the ACLU and Jea to shove it. Teachers are not disciplinarians and their hands are being tied by pink haired girls.
    Is this what parents want? A police force in a school?