OMG ! Rep Joe Miro hits a grand-slam re: WEIC Plan

Redistricting plan passes first test in Legislature , The News Journal

A plan to redistrict Wilmington schools took its first positive steps in the General Assembly on Wednesday, but it is clear supporters still have some convincing to do.

Eight of the 14 members of the House Education Committee — all Democrats — voted to send the plan to the full House of Representatives.

There was Race to The Top and no with this race to nowhere! 

Miro said he wouldn’t speak for all his fellow Republicans, but he said he opposes the plan, primarily because there has not been a firm price tag set. The lack of a definitive cost has caused consternation for many lawmakers, including some Democrats.

In order for redistricting to be successful, the commission says the affected districts will need money to make the switch but, more importantly, they will need more funding to address the needs of their kids who are fighting poverty-related problems like homelessness, hunger and violence.

Miro calls it! Underfunded legislation! Few million to get the ball rolling then the Red Clay local taxpayer will fill all the $$$$$$ holes!

Folks the poverty shift that will be bore on Red Clay’s back will cause a major setback of any advancement Red Clay made over the years. Wilmington Charter will be ask to find their our home and vacate “Wilmington High School”.

One thing not being address is the “capital” needs to upgrade the Christina school Red Clay will inherit! Easily 100 million dollars in capital funding will be needed to modernize those schools. 

The final cost depends on how widely lawmakers spread the extra poverty funding: there have been estimates floated of $9 million for just districts affected by redistricting, $15 million for schools in each of the three counties, and $50 million for the whole state.

With no sustainability !

“I think lots of schools, not just Wilmington, could use that extra funding,” said Miro, who sits on the finance committee. “But we cannot be assured that the money is there, and we cannot be sure that it would be sustainable in the future even if we did it this year.”

Listen up Red Clay School Board! Joe pegged it !

If a future governor or Legislature fails to continue the extra poverty funding, Miro says Red Clay residents like those in his district would be left holding the bag.

You mean take it up the ass! 

Jaques acknowledged cost is an issue he and other supporters need to resolve.

“It is a legitimate question. We’re just not there yet,” he said.

Jaques said he’s hopeful the bill will pass, but he acknowledged the signals from Wednesday’s meeting show the votes aren’t there yet.

Code for I’ll vote for it and fuck the Red Clay taxpayers!



6 responses to “OMG ! Rep Joe Miro hits a grand-slam re: WEIC Plan

  1. There is an unusual coalition of people who want this to fail, with an endgame of a new Wilmington School District. And that coalition includes several people who post here regularly.


  2. But what John doesn’t specify is that many of those were in support of it, prior to its monetary emasculation of state money to fund it, only switched because of that one single reason… It was apparently a con game all along, one that needed well-meaning Tony Allen as the dupe to sell it….


  3. And all should note. This is not an upcoming vote on the plan… This an upcoming vote on a MODIFIED version of the plan.. To call the bluff, we need a second bill that specifically ties the state to fund the switchover in perpetuity… and then we will see by comparing one bill’s votes to the other, exactly who Voldermort’s conspirators are, and who can be trusted with the safety of our children….. Can we get a second plan on the floor, please.


  4. snewton929

    And, despite our differences on some other issues, Joe Miro constantly reminds me why he is a cut above most of the other legislators in Dover.


  5. Publius e decere

    Joe knows. The sleight-of-hands going on will end badly for Red Clay. WEIC is misleading the public, and the Legislature. Brandywine opted out. Colonial opted out. Christina opted “in” because they can shed six million per year in losses to Red Clay. And what does Red Clay do? Nothing. Red Clay was “picked” by WEIC becuase of their perceived ability to authorize charters and incorporate them into their district. Yet Red Clay neglected and then terminated their quintessential high-needs charter school. Red Clay is being played, and its leadership doesn’t even realize it. A sad situation.



  6. You mean, the citizens of Red Clay are being played, and they don’t even realize it.