Lawyers for two Howard High girls rushing to trial setting the stage for double jeopardy insurance card

Trial date set for 2 charged in fatal Howard high assault , The News Journal

A June trial date has been scheduled for two of the three 16-year-old girls charged in the fatal assault of a Howard High School of Technology student last month in Wilmington.

Both Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright were set to have a hearing Thursday morning. But after their attorneys waived the arraignment hearings, a trial date was scheduled in Family Court for June 15. The two girls are charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy, which is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Nice tactic on the lawyers part! Speedy trial in case charges are upgraded! Get it over-with June 15 and take the 3 years probation and counseling and girls can’t be retried! Double Jeopardy card sits in the legal eagle’s back-pocket !   

Because neither of the other two girls hit Amy nor had prior arrests, prosecutors have said the two will be tried as juveniles in Family Court.

And Amy never killed before stays dead forever! O wait ! My bad! she died from a heart-attack! 

Investigators determined the fight was a planned confrontation in the girls bathroom, but only Carr hit Amy, according to a statement by the state Attorney General’s Office. 

Planned confrontation my ass! It was a planned attack! Sure perhaps they weren’t out to kill but the were out to attack!  


7 responses to “Lawyers for two Howard High girls rushing to trial setting the stage for double jeopardy insurance card

  1. Publius e decere


    The family asked that people not try to use their tragedy to build social media fame. Some bloggers can’t seem to help themselves. I’ll ask here that you stand down on this topic. It is a tragedy, a colossal one. Let’s let the police department and the state prosecutors do their job without excessive second guessing. I don’t ask much, but I do ask this. The family deserves this respect.



    • Publius,

      The article about social media came out weeks before this one. The wound was hemorrhaging then in their soul. Now they are seeing the cold, dark reality. They are questioning things, as they have a right to. They are beginning to see what some of us are seeing and they are asking why. There has been a concerted effort to downplay what happened that day with many actors playing their parts. When the parents had their son speak out about the social media aspect, much of that was directed to the sick individuals who started gofundmes and things like that in the family’s name, people who put pictures of Amy up that weren’t even her, and making fake Facebook accounts and tweets from the victim and the murderers. Yes, I pluralized that. With that being said, it is our very nature as bloggers to second guess and question. It is why we started blogging to begin with. I know you don’t like me and don’t agree with me on a lot, but I also believe there is a purpose for what we do that regular media can’t or won’t do. The family deserves the truth most of all.


  2. Sigh, Kilroy’s headline made me nostalgic for the Greg Kihn Band….. 😦


  3. “Nice tactic on the lawyers part! Speedy trial in case charges are upgraded!”
    You got that right.
    Kilroy, aren’t the students in question the same students you believe should receive preferential transportation to suburban schools? Haven’t you claimed those who oppose student population redistribution (social engineering) and favor NSA Law are elitist and bigoted? Can’t you acknowledge that the behavior and attitudes that resulted in the death of a student are the real problem? This is the problem that parents have a right to be concerned about and should have the right to protect their kids from unless you consider it just a “minor” inconvenience. Maybe the elitist, bigoted, selfish people are justified in telling the social justice champions, they are fighting the wrong fight. The majority of students deserve the resources they receive but students who; disrupt, are antisocial, are moderately maladjusted, defy normal guidance/ discipline, and cause a denial of education to the majority, do not. Arguments to the contrary are simply false. The problems identified here are not educational in nature and educational facilities are not the appropriate delivery system. Social services are not the same as Educational services.


    • lastDEconservative

      You left out stupid. Twice. I feel bad to have had my adjectives diminished.


    • Publius e decere

      LDC and MRyder,

      Carry on! The unconstitutional lunacy cast upon us is to be refuted by each and every comment you make.

      Let’s focus on student outcomes. High proficiency, low violence. Neighborhood schools we can all be proud of rather than be afraid of.

      If certain left-leaning-loonies want to hate on charter and magnet and vo-tech schools then let’s ask them to make district schools a more attractive option. I’m sure that any school which delivers these goods will have an applicant list a mile long. Schools which make excuses will not.

      Win the public wil by delivering value.



  4. Howard has an applicant list a mile long.