Did Delaware AG botch murder of Howard High girl?

Doctors dispute Delaware student’s cause of death , The News Journal

“Atrial septal defect is not a cause of sudden death,” said Dr. Samuel Gidding, chief of cardiology for Nemours/A.I duPont Hospital for Children.

Gidding was adamant that the investigative and media’s focus should be on Joyner-Francis’s assault, not her heart condition, repeating that he has never heard of any cases of atrial septal defect causing sudden cardiac death.

Even “if “there was no intent to kill the Howard Student by hee female attacker ; the facts remains she died! It was murder or at best manslaughter. 

The Attorney General’s Office would not address the doctors’ contentions Friday. It stands by the medical examiner’s findings and its charging decisions.

Very sad Matt !

“As indicated when charges were filed, the autopsy did not detect any internal injuries or significant blunt force injuries,” a statement by the AG’s Office reads, “and the medical examiner’s office that actually examined Amy ruled that it was as a result of her cardiac condition.”

Not Commotio cordis ?

The Cincinnati cardiologist said that to rule a heart defect as a cause of death, a medical examiner should call in an expert in the particular defect. The medical examiner would not answer questions about the investigation so it is not known whether an expert was involved.

A spokeswoman for the Delaware Division of Forensic Science said they would not comment.

Denn stands by Delaware ME’s findings yet ME when assistant Philly ME says this March 27, 213  BECAUSE LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE ; A Blog about Goings-on in Philadelphia and the World

At this point, Dr. Collins points out that just because a death certificate is issued, doesn’t mean the case is over-far from it. The initial death certificate is basically just to let families bury their dead. If the death is suspicious, or complicated, the ME’s office will stay on it until they’re satisfied with the results of their investigations. Dr. Collins mentions that often times “external information” can change the death certificate, and can occur months or years after the death itself. He also points out that death certificates change “all the time” and there is no set time period, or statute of limitations of changing a death certificate. ADA Cameron asks for some examples of external information. Dr. Collins has a long list of examples; toxicology reports typically take at least 6 weeks to come back to the lab (long after the initial death certificate has been issued.) Other examples included investigative information, tissue sample test results, blood results, follow up records from medical facilities, previously withheld family histories…the list went on, and on.



11 responses to “Did Delaware AG botch murder of Howard High girl?

  1. Josiah Andrews

    You’re damn right they “botched” this!!! This whole thing stinks of a cover up. They are trying protect these 3 killers. The longest any one of them are facing is only 8 years in prison. 8 years for taking someone’s daughter??? I guess the only Black Lives that Matter are the bitches who killed Amy!

    Delaware justice sucks!


  2. There is definitely a cover up… It pivots around Howard and Markell…


  3. Publius e decere

    I recall that the family asked for people to stand down on social media and not attempt to seek fame therein. Some bloggers seems to have ignored this reasonable request. The authorities appear to be engaged in the dialog and the facts. Let them do their job without 24/7 second guessing for OCD social media fame.



  4. Publius e decere

    I think Kilroy needs to pick up the pace on blogging. Not much has been posted here. C’mon Kilroy, and only nutty insane stuff elsewhere.

    Kilroy, save the Kitchen Table and post.


  5. Actually Publius’s memory has gaps. Instead of “not seeking fame” the family’s entreaty was precisely to “not make stuff up”.

    Secondly, the dialogue ongoing in our justice system to which you refer, is a dialogue over “how can we cover this up”; not a dialogue over how can we make sure the right people are held accountable…

    Thirdly those bloggers to which you diminutively refer, are actively engaged in a conversation discussing “why this IS being covered up” which out of necessity gets coupled with “why is the ‘state’ PROTECTING these killers at the expense of a victim?”

    In a democracy, that is the one true conversation which should be had… Not “shut up and accept whatever your police state tells you…” Of course in a democracy, there also exist those whose opinion is so bizarre and just plain weird, they are forever a tiny slice of the minority. You may have heard of them. Some people call them Conservatives. No one pays them any mind, unless of course, they get paid well to do so…..

    But Publius, in spite of all your blustering over made-up illusions cast off of shadows made by passing clouds, there still lurks a tiny kernel of wisdom to which we keep tabs for the one day it germinates, sprouts and bears fruit…… That time may be today with your entreaty for Kilroy to blog more.. That is probably one of the smartest thing you’ve have ever said…


    • I think it is morbidly obvious as to the “why”. The officers involved in the McDole shooting and the video of the altercation are released and available so that the “victims” can pursue civil suits. The video(s) of a planned fight and the real circumstances of the event are not. The difference? One case will allow the “victims” to sue the city/ state (deep pockets) for restitution with a high probability of success while the other involves no such deep pockets and it detrimentally speaks to the environment of Wilmington, City government, federal malfeasance of law enforcement on certain demographics, school systems and behavior. The powers involved are wagging the dog. It is that simple. Will the public be in a position to force accountability on the parties involved? Not likely. The family of the victim should have the real story. Whether they pursue it and whether they will let the parties involved control the narrative is in their court. I’m betting the parties involved have “persuaded” the family that it is in “society’s” and their best interest to let the parties “handle it”.

      The NJ should be sending reporters to the hospital to obtain the triage notes on the night she was admitted. The NJ could also inquire with the funeral home to ask if there were blunt force trauma or penetrating wounds. Betcha they won’t release any of that info though. The NJ could inquire with the witnesses to get first hand accounting of the events. Again betcha they won’t talk. hmmmm. The NJ needs to learn how to persuade deep throats to sing.

      AG didn’t botch anything, this is all proceeding as the DOJ has prescribed.


    • Good points I hadn’t thought of… Just one nuance which needs interpreted to make your explanation airtight.

      The on-the-street takedown was taken by witnesses who were not under legal threat. They were free to post video. Police had no control over whether or not it ever got shown.

      The closed environment of the bathroom where the only people taking video were the criminals themselves, allows for a) the wiping of video before police obtain it; b) legal coercion allowing only the video clips they wish to be seen.

      The News Journal is so whittled down locally; they can’t report anything other than what they read on twitter. The reporters you imagine who could be sent to the hospital, don’t exist. Budget cuts. One actually gets better local news out of the Auto Trade publications set out for free around the Brandywine Hundred…..


    • Channel 6 is reporting the Joyner family wants a second autopsy.

      Maybe they weren’t “persuaded” enough to go along with the narrative. As I mentioned, if they find incongruent results (i.e.: wounds that were the real cause of death instead of a claimed heart problem) then that is a lot of public officials who went public with inaccurate information. Rather strange to charge individuals with flawed autopsy results. Do you think they’ll all blame the medical examiner for incompetence? Does it pass the smell test?

      The retaliatory beat down on one of the accused, is on youtube but still no video footage in the bathroom? hmmm.


  6. The NJ investigate something? Please…they are the state’s (and city’s) PR firm.