Bias News Journal talks of social media responsibility re: Howard High!

Social media rumors difficult to fight , and , The News Journal

For more than two weeks, many people in Delaware and beyond believed that Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was beaten to death inside the girls bathroom at Howard High School of Technology.

I thought she died from a heart-attack? 

That “knowledge” came from social media rumors because no official source confirmed anything until Monday when the Attorney General’s Office issued a release saying that Amy died of cardiac arrest after being repeatedly punched in the face and chest. It also announced that three teen girls at the school were being charged in her death.

I thought she died from being beaten to death ?

The lack of confirmation did not stop some media outlets from spreading some of the false details.

Well it looks like she was beaten so hard in the chest it triggered a heart-attack! Amy died because she was murdered ! 

And city and state elected officials, in calling for changes to prevent another school attack, repeated many of the unconfirmed rumors.

If there was no death in this case we wouldn’t hear shit from many elected officials! Where are the elected officials supporting the cries of Skyline’s parents and student?

Experts say a reason for that is people’s need to fill a vacuum of information. And many people, especially young people, believe what they read if it is posted by those in their social media circles.

In the case of the News Journal people seek more information because of the NJ’s bias reporting and dropping to their knees for Rodel and Markell.

They news Journal refuses to report the color of a criminal wanted for a crime or description of the attacked or robber! Yet they have no problem releasing names of minor in the Howard High Case! Two of the girls didn’t even touch Amy! 

What happen at Howard High was a school-yard fight gone bad! And yes those involved must pay the piper! 

The root of the problem goes beyond the walls of area high schools or the confines of social media, said D.J. Saunders, a 2015 graduate of Dickinson High School in Pike Creek, who knew Joyner-Francis. Growing up in Wilmington, gang shootings create a violent atmosphere that can spread to people not involved in those crimes, he said. Saunders had been involved in violent acts in the past, he said, but declined to elaborate except to attribute it to the city’s toxic environment.

Code for ; if you can’t fix the street, you can’t fix the school!

None of us have the right answer ! Amy is gone and her family will suffer the loss forever.

So what to do with these three girls? Will they become the poster children for real change in Wilmington? Or will they melt into the street after their release or probation? 


7 responses to “Bias News Journal talks of social media responsibility re: Howard High!

  1. “Experts say a reason for that is people’s need to fill a vacuum of information. And many people, especially young people, believe what they read if it is posted by those in their social media circles.”

    oh the irony


  2. Pencadermom

    Anyone besides me want to vomit after reading that article?
    And to Kevin, there are reasons that high schools open the doors a half hour or so before the first bell rings. That is when kids are tutored, take make-up tests, when breakfast is served and when some parents drop off their kids when on their way to work. That is when a lot of buses drop kids off so they can get started on their next round (in some schools/districts). If hundreds of kids are left outside in the morning, the fights would simply happen outside instead of inside. The answer isn’t to cater to the thugs. I like the mom’s comment in the article.. her son had to write letters of apology for bullying. It might not stop all fights, but if elementary level kids are taught that bullying was a huge offense, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to turn it physical when they reach middle school. I know I know I’m dreaming, but it’s a start and could make a difference for the positive.


  3. I agree Pencadermom, and many schools that do open early have sufficient personnel watching in the hallways, not doing PLCs.


  4. Pencadermom

    So a bathroom monitor every minute the school doors are unlocked? I wrote the in sarcasm but actually could be a program done by parent volunteers.. or something.


  5. I’m hoping that you suggesting parent volunteer potty monitors was another try at being witty.


  6. Until the unedited videos (they exist and are in the authorities’ possession) and eyewitness accounts are provided to a free press & the public, the story being provided by the authorities is a “story” influenced by high level officials. (DOJ who are directing the “story”, to the State agencies of a single party controlled city and state.)

    If the parents of this young student are willing to accept the “story” being provided to them by DOJ/ State/ City agencies then that is their business. If the community is willing to accept it, then more power to you if it gets you past the pain. If this were to happen to someone else’s family in a different location, then a second opinion on the autopsy would be required. Strangely youtube videos can cause terrorist attacks in Benghazi, they just can’t be shown to the public to prove an assault/ murder occurred (at least not until the trial is over and possible double jeopardy is thwarted). All these people in the bathroom, multiple videos, multiple eyewitnesses but they are not allowed to speak or show the videos?? They never hit her so their was no assault??? Seriously? They better lock down or delete every bit of “evidence” after the trial and counsel everyone who bore witness at the school and the receiving hospital because if the evidence has holes in it, woh nelly, look out. Lots of people affected.


  7. Kilroy,
    “Code for ; if you can’t fix the street, you can’t fix the school!”

    Since schools can’t fix the street and the street feeds the children into the schools, then I want your solemn promise to never again raise the issue that affluent suburbanites who are averse to busing are somehow discriminatory, racist or at fault for wanting their children to attend safe schools. Suburbanites can’t fix problems in other geographic locations and their money can’t level the playing field either. It isn’t about race, it isn’t about discrimination. It IS about behavior and your past incendiary class / race warfare comments are not unhelpful for the real issures. Distributing students in wanton disregard for the behavioral component is a denial of rights to residents who have a right make choices for their family. The fact that some have more choices than others is a result of a lifetime of other choices. The schools should not be and have no authority to be socialist hubs.