Washington in need of radical change! Trump! Why not!

So Donald Trump is off the wall! Washington has been screwing the people far too long! So now its our turn to screw Washington by sending Donald Trump to the White House.

As far as Delaware, the DE GOP leaders have taken the party to the extreme right alienating  party members right of center. The time is now for major shakeup in the DE GOP. No chance for the governorship! No chance for Lt Governor! The only game in town is trying to knock Sokola out! DE GOP leaders don’t have a clue re: ace in the hole that can do it! Sokola’s opponent Meredith Chapman is a graduate of former DE GOP leader Terry Stine’s Leadership Delaware . Surely she was indoctrinated in the far right values. Personally, I am on the fence and will come off it Forth of July after the close of legislative session. 

Back to Donald Trump! Trump is a warning shot of what’s to come in America. If we don’t have radical change in Washington America will continue to fold in upon herself. America refuses to embrace a third-party to break the ongoing D.C. deadlock! Trump represent nothing more than a radical takeover of the GOP! And made he can excite the middle! For-sure independent voters will swing his way and for sure for-sure the minorities in this country will see Clinton for what she is! She helped fueled the prison system in America to make it one of the largest industries in America feeding many $$$ profiteers.

So why do you fear Donald Trump?  




10 responses to “Washington in need of radical change! Trump! Why not!

  1. Yay… finally someone in support of Donald Trump…..


  2. Publius e decere

    Harrumpf for Drumpf. The Orange Menace. Kilroy’s comment is not limited to the First State … the GOP has allowed an anything-goes wing to take the helm and steer without a rudder. First the Witch, now the Donald. It’s enough to Whig-out the party. Pat Paulsen for President!



  3. lastDEconservative

    a. Bring him.
    2. Once again, I find myself in a different Republic than Kilroy; DE GoMeToo too far RIGHT?
    d. All who doubt (as do I), join me in being satisfied to first turn over the tables in the temple, rout out the moneychangers and thieves, scatter the Sanhedrin … then take a deep breath and measure again.


  4. As my wife says – vote for the devil or vote for the devils best friend who is just slightly more ambitious


  5. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions
    Just asking: which one of these positions are objectionable?
    The border needs to be secured, yes? no?
    Obamacare failed to reduce costs, yes? no?
    China trade agreements (initiated by Bill Clinton) are unbalanced, yes? no?
    The VA is screwed up, yes? no?
    Taxes are idiotically confused with only 1/2 half the working public paying them and 25% paying 80% of all federal taxes. yes, no?
    Gun control laws do not stop criminals. Gun control only affects law abiding citizens. Laws created to infringe 2nd amendment rights are knee jerk to just “do something”, not do something that will result in lower gun violence.
    Immigration control, particularly from Central and South America is a joke. Yes, a huge joke on citizens of the U.S. which the government is supposed to be on the side of.
    DON’T MISUNDERSTAND: Trump is a loaded cannon. Pointed in the wrong direction, just as damaging as Obama.
    Both parties created their monsters by failing to act rationally and effectively.
    Democrats redistributing & failure of ethics, –> Bernie the Socialist, Hillary the consummate liar.
    Republicans lacking backbones. –> Trump the bombastic loudmouth.
    Trump, Hillary & Bernie are the result of ineffective governance. They’ve pushed rationality out the window. That’s not to say choosing more “crazy” is a smart move but if “more crazy” burns off the fluff and gets to the real problem, well then maybe a little crazy needs to happen. Sad but true. It took charters to expose a different view of education rather than just the TPS’s demanding more and more money with no improvements.


  6. I know your anger
    I know your dreams
    I’ve been everything you want to be
    I’m the cult of personality like Mussolini and Kennedy
    I’m the cult of personality
    I sell you things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face on your TV
    I’m the cult of personality
    I exploit you
    Still you love me
    I tell you one and one make three

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  7. I’ve got a funny vibe about this.


  8. I am Native American
    The question of honor you must decide
    The soul of the nation has been denied
    Our dreams stolen before our eyes
    How do you say there is no tomorrow to a child

    More Bruce lyrics…. Time to move on, the term is at best impolite and worst racist and deragatory …. The alum had their feelings hurt when deseg took their school I get it but it’s time to move forward


  9. Bruce added vocals…but Little Steven wrote it. 🙂

    For a great songwriter, he’s getting a lot more credit around here than he deserves…