Response from DOJ regarding DE Charter Schools Network Lobbying Efforts


On February 4, 2016 a letter was sent to the Department of Justice expressing concerns with regards to Delaware Charter Schools Network and their lobbying efforts in Dover.

On March 30, 2016, we received a response from the Department of Justice with respect to our concerns.

On page 3 of the letter it states that Ms. Massett accounts for the time she spends lobbying and estimates she spends 3% of her time as Executive Director on the direct lobbying. The records from 2015 showed that Ms. Massett signed in at Legislative Hall 17 times in 2015. The state goes on to say assuming for the sake of rough calculation Ms. Massett spent half of the work day – or 4 hours – at Legislative Hall each time she signed in, that would account for approximately 3% of Ms. Massett’s work hours for all of 2015.

My response back to the DOJ is in 2015 when…

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5 responses to “Response from DOJ regarding DE Charter Schools Network Lobbying Efforts

  1. lastDEconservative

    Kimo fiddles while Rome burns. Sigh.

    And who exactly thinks the legislature will ever solve anything? (Psst. The legislature created all these entities they now crow about reforming, or harrumph about in righteous indignation, feigning sympathy to the plight of the unwashed. But don’t tell anybody. Wink, wink.).


  2. I’ve not heard much from Uncle Jed lately?? Has he been out at the cement pond talkin’ to Miss Jane?
    LDC I think you have great ideas, you don’t stand for status quo and you want fiscal responsibility of public moneies…. Want beauracrats to earn their keep… You have the intellect and the mission…run for school board. Make a difference, comments on an illiterate blog don’t do anything…. LDC for school board, them representative then to congress…


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … comments on an illiterate blog don’t do anything … ”

      After “Oh, my!” comes, “Got your attention, didn’t I?” 😉


  3. I will be your campaign manager…. I think legally though you can’t run as LDC or John Doe… Come on, make a difference, stop sitting on the sidelines!


  4. Publius e decere

    Looks like the Deputy AG said pretty clearly “not-a-lobbyist, not-a-conflict-of-interest, and no-laws-broken”. A rare moment of clarity from Government.

    The new-math response in the blog is funny. Whoever wrote it should cameo on Colbert.