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King Arthur tries to knock Kilroy of his Christina referendum horse


Kilroy has jumped the shark and proved his irrevelence. As a champion of transparency you are advocating for the passing of one of the least transparent referenda in recent history. You trumpet your buddy JY as a great equalizer who just so happened to take down his ‘transparent’ site just as the referendum was getting under way. Your ass kissing of Bob A for all the (shorterm) work he is doing is blackened by the fact they are asking for millions of dollars that they A) wont tell the public what it is used for B) Dont know what they are used for.

Kilroy – you are the new poster child for the Delaware Way – promote your ‘friends’ and dont look behind the curtain.

Come on Arthur put Excalibur back in the stone! The community cries there is no transparency in Christina yet, Christina records their board meeting, put out their financial data for all to see compounded by the state putting out the PC card expenditures  online! WHAT IS NOT TRANSPARENT ? Wait !!

Are you talking about Bob A appointment to acting super? Did someone courage him? Did his appointment bump another potential acting super candidate out?

You and “you do know” I’ve looked Bob in the eye and said “fuck you” over the TFA contract! As far as my history with Bob it goes back 20 year in education and I put his feet to the fire over Title 1. HE DELIVERED ! Prior to Conrad magnet school being publicly announced, Bob and I met and I demanded the current feeder-pattern kids get preferences and that preference still stands! A high power board member tried to nix the bury it! Kim William stepped up to the plate and made sure it was in public view. HOWEVER, its up to parents to play the card! When I insisted a community meeting with some highly involved parents and civil rights leader not be on Bob turf with him stilling behind his desk but rather at my house, he honored that request. Old Ted was flipping saying , we can’t make such “demands” of the super! Well we did and he came! Then there was Title 1 concerns and demands were presented! Bob delivered and my ace in the whole was Ron Houston. Shit, I had support from Washington! 

Not many people know this about Bob and since he said it public I’ll repeat. But for starters Bob grew up two blocks away for where I did. He lived in Woodcrest and I in Bestfield and he knew better than to ride his bike on my neighborhood :). However, Bob loss both his parents before he was out of high schools and some of his loving neighbors ripped him off. Bob made sure his sister got through school and both walked across the college stage receiving diplomas with mom or dad cheering them on!

Bob is hard and can be a hard ass! However, Bob does know some hardships. If someone wants to nail Bod to the wall because of $$ compensation. Fine but let’s do to all the supers! Administrative paid is an issue! So perhaps the school boards through out the state put a cap on administrative pay?

Red Clays admin has been getting raises nearly every year during the recession!

Now back to the referendum! If this referendum doesn’t past Christina will go into financial recovery and a state takeover is likely! But you can bet the farm the state will bring a for profit organization and you did see what happen to Moyer!

If this referendum doesn’t pass extracurricular activities will be cut and will put kids on the street! And extra education programs will be cut!

So of someone has a beef with Bob! Put up for the kids and demand Bob’s removal and demand certain board members  STEP DOWN!

As far as John Young!!! We differ but we know we each have passion for what we do! I am sure he’ll pick apart some of what I wrote. But the friendship is solid!

Christina School District is on near financial life-support and many kids who see sports as possible way out or to college scholarship may have dream shot to hell with program cut! And once again it will be the minorities taken the hardest hit. Can you imagine Newark High School without a football team! Yea Yea!! It will be if you want to play your mommy and daddy has to pay because there is no district money! And again who suffers? Shit is bringing back 82 laid off teachers a crime?? Is lower class sizes a crime!

The stone-throwers out there need to grow some ball and go bitch at a board meeting. I am sure John Young would love for you to look in him in the eye.

So to all you Christina parents and residents! Don’t punish children by withholding your YES vote for the referendum! I am telling you, Christina will $$$ bottom-out and the same idiots who took-over Moyer  will be called it! Markell has a love affair with K12Inc.