Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

Christina School district is ready for the future! Vote yes!

How can Christina move forward if many hold it back because of disastrous Wise administration? Yes there is politics in the mist of this however,  extracurricular activities are at stake and path-forward for  education programs.

Like I said before, I’ve went toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye with Bob A when he was super at Red Clay. The process that brought him as acting superintendent could be questioned. However, he is here and he has the skills to make a difference. One thing for sure is, the process for selecting the permanent super better be more transparent. You got a beef with him? Call him! You got a beef with school board get your ass to a board meeting and tell them! I’ll tell you one thing, I have more respect for people who can look me in the eye and state their position.  

Honestly, what Christina has been due to the Wise administration, it like trying to raise the Titanic. What kind of fool would want to be skipper of this ship? The Wise administration sunk Christina deep and it took years to payoff bailout loans.  

One the brightest spots in Christina is a board member named John Young who can hold feet to the fire and board member bold enough to stand alone and expose Governor Markell’s Wall Street education ponzi scheme. We need board member bold enough the question internal and external agendas. The danger is a school board all going in one direction via a political agenda seeded in their superintendent. John Young is a pit-bull and bless him for have the courage to stand up. 

We’re coming down to the bewitching-hour re: referendum! It’s no joke about the possibility of more program cuts like sports and other extracurricular activities and don’t kid yourself, failed referendum = more educational programming cut.

Do we need more kids on the streets whereas they would be better of engaged in extracurricular activities? Do we want more dropouts and students held back a grade? Well that’s what we’ll get with another failed referendum! 

Positive changes have been made in Christina and we need not beat children! I’ll be the first to say, here with go with its for the kids referendum campaign battle cry! And I love the one, just a cup of coffee a day!  Yea we know 82 teachers might be hired back if the referendum passes! Well isn’t that what we need, more teachers and smaller class-sizes? 

So vote yes to keep kids off the street by ensuring sports programs aren’t lost and vote yes for more teachers and better leadership vision.