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Paid leave for state worker while none for the taxpayers?

 Making a case for paid leave in Delaware , The News Journal

Legislation would offer paid leave to state workers following childbirth or adaption

Nothing personal against state worker whom are value assets to the community but if we’re all one community such a law should apply to all. State workers pay less for healthcare , have pension and get healthcare after retirement. Whereas, many workers in the private sector pay out the ass for healthcare, have no pension, get no healthcare after retirement and have no pension.  Such a law should be for all

A bill in the state Legislature would give full-time state workers employed for at least one year 12 weeks of paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child under 6 years old. This law would not apply to private sector workers, but would help teachers like Lori.

Wow News Journal you went from legislation would offer paid leave to state worker following childbirth or adaption ( I think NJ meant adoption) to state legislature would give full-time state workers paid leave. What about part-time state workers?

When Mr & Mrs Kilroy “planned” the birth of baby Kilroy they started saving money so that Mrs. Kilroy could take an unpaid 6 weeks off. Mr. Kilroy worked a full-time job up to 60 hours a week an a part-time job about 30 hours a week. Mr. Kilroy work both full time and part part for seven year and there was a time Kilroy attended college at night. State works which include teachers are again valued assets! However, what gives them the right to have such luxuries over those footing the bill?

The 12 weeks would expire one year after birth or adoption. If both parents are state workers, they’d each be eligible for 12 weeks.

Employees would still be able to use accrued sick leave on top of those weeks.

“It’s time for Delaware to lead on leave,” said Rep. Debra Heffernan, D-Edgemoor, the prime sponsor of the legislation.

Wow!!!!!!!!! So if mom and dad are state workers they both can take off 12 weeks at the same time and get paid! Come on Hef ! Tell the Mrs. this is insane.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have expressed a desire to reform paid family leave in the United States and President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget includes more than $2 billion in new funds to encourage states to create paid leave plans.

2 billion dollars to encourage states to create paid leave plans. Sound like the Race to The Top scam! The feds won’t dictate but will $$$ encourage ! Looks like Hillary and Sanders support all the $$ bells and whistles for fed and state works while fucking the common Joe.

Personally I feel there is room for compromise! If a child is born healthy with no serious medical condition I don’t support this legislation. HOWEVER , if a child is born with a medical condition requiring intensive care, damn right I support it.   

For those of you who want to come in here an rip me because I question this law, I’ll asked why are you defending “full-time” state worker and no all employees state and private workers?  I think it is a disgrace legislatures sees full time state workers as those who are entitled to such benefit.