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Delaware State Board of Ed says , “No public comment before a board vote” WTF

Rep. Williams questions whether Delaware State Board of Education needs to exist By Amy Cherry 10:59pm, March 7, 2016 – Updated 10:44am, March 8, 2016

That’s how State Rep. Kim Williams (D-Newport) described the last two Delaware State Board of Education meetings, which were more crowded than usual due to scheduled votes on the controversial Wilmington Education Improvement Commission’s plan.

“She’s entitled to her opinion, of course,” said Donna Johnson, Executive Director of the Delaware State Board of Education. “In terms of chaos, I don’t believe that our board has acted–in any way–that has been chaotic.”

What a dipstick! The board is handpicked by the governor and state board members are his puppets 

Johnson argued the board’s public comment policy is very clear.

“We take public comment on any item at any time except for items in which the board is lawfully required to vote on an established record,” she explained.

Except items the board is to vote on! The public should have the right to speak prior to  any vote! WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? I get it! Maybe Markell is afraid a public comment making sense might snap a board member out of the Markell  hypnosis !

Williams noted otherwise.

“They were going behind closed doors; they were taking a break in the middle of all of this discussion and going into the backroom, and the public didn’t have access–we don’t know what was discussed,” alleged Williams.

Johnson fired back.

“We are allowed to take breaks during a meeting,” she said. “If a member of the board consults their attorney for legal advice on some procedure– that might be something that was done.

BULLSHIT ! They take break because they can’t look the public in the eye!