Daily Archives: March 5, 2016

Kevin Ohlandt the best choice for Capital School Board

Kevin Ohlandt founder and shock-jock of Exception Delaware blog is the best choice for Capital School District school board.

As a blogger Kevin can poke them in the eye or give them a supporting hug. Like me he’ll cross the line a bit to make a point! We do that because we have deep passion about our mission.

Traditional public education has been under attack and charter advocates work there way through legislative hall and the pockets of legislator like Rep Debbie Hudson. Kevin Olhandt, like me supports school Choice and understands charters are part of the Choice process but Kevin has flushed out corruption within charter schools as it relates mistreatment of special needs students and school finances. If we’re going to have watchdogs, Kevin is a pit-bull. The corruption in charter schools need to stop! 

As a board member he’ll ask hard questions! He’ll review the budget! He’ll examine school programs to ensure quality. And for parents of special needs students, they’ll be able to sleep better at night.

The question voters need to ask them selves is, do we need board members that just go with the flow or do we need “individuals” who dare ask questions and dare review finer school financial data?  

Being a school board member may throw a little ice on the shock-blogging in Kevin because, many of the people Exceptional Delaware holds to the fire will be people he’ll need to work with (not you Publius).  But that won’t free them of responsibility. Kevin is very tactful ! Knowing Kevin, he won’t be one of those school board members that tell’s the public, you need to contact your legislators. Kevin will do it for you! He won’t point the way, he’ll lead the way!

I am not sure how political Capital School District is where unions and local political groups control the outcome of board election like in Red Clay.  I don’t foresee political negative campaign attacks against Kevin. But we can count on Publius to come in here and blow wind. Not sure how the attack on the PTA Queen will play-out during this campaign! She has this motto, “never underestimate the power of parents”. Then there is the DSEA Queen. HOWEVER, Kevin calls it how he sees it and he is on the money when it comes to exposing the Markell administration corruption and intrusion in to local education control.

 If we need radical change in public education perhaps with need board members with a radical spirits.